I was already in the direction of that school for a year. He had been hired after answering an ad that had been placed on the College Bulletin Board where he taught. In it, they offered the direction of a school of first and second degree in a country town. The salary was attractive and I possessed the qualifications that were required for the position of the exercise.

 But what attracted me, it was a chance to return to the interior with all its peace and its tranquility. It was because, tired of the daily violence of big cities. Reinforced the attraction the fact that I was born in a town in, he had left to study in Curitiba, remaining there even after I graduated in Pedagogy, made master’s and doctorate in Education. Even with so many titles, he was only thirty-five years. I considered myself still a young woman. In addition to beautiful, like telling me friends.

Early on, I was accustomed to live my life without caring about what others think of her. So, I lost my virginity when I thought it was time to lose, at seventeen. From then on, I made my personal life a mystery to all who lived with me. There was married me before. My cases existed, of course, but they were all very well-hidden. So well hidden that the closest friends thought I did not like men, who was dyke or other things in that direction. In fact, I liked very, very much giving and on these occasions, I always found a way to find someone interesting to roll a hot fuck.

As might be expected, was being seen in my friendship groups and working as cold, uninterested in sex romp and asexual. Naturally, I became, in college, a competent teacher but seen as executioner. They said, my students, I did not give a cinch, too charged and did not care of the reprobate at the end of my courses. “He soft with her, talking, okay screwed!” This was also one of the reasons for wanting to accept the proposal from inside the school. In need to take a break from my work in college. There was, as I thought, reached the maximum there.

I not take me long to discover the direction that I would not be easy to fold. I became known as executioner. Especially among students of Philosophy, discipline taught in high school. And I did nothing to improve the image that made me.

 It charged the students with the delivery of the papers in the deadlines not receiving them late, took easy points for misspellings, worked on the preparation of tests to make them difficult and filled them with research papers.

At the end of the first year, I was already completely mistress of the situation and respected by all. One detail bothered me: my sex life. Or, as I played with myself, to think about the situation bothered me my lack of sex life. I had to get out of the city by car, driving myself, which I did not like to do, or by bus, to Curitiba, where all my acquaintances were in bed.

In the first year I had not given to anyone in the city, although it had already identified, the covetous glances, some interested in me eat, just that I wanted to have a little more time because he had, as intended, dating with someone worth the worth investing, maybe even get engaged and married. I had already decided that would only give to one who could be considered as “the elect.” But things do not always happen as planned.

That night, when I entered the room for philosophy classes in the third year, I soon realized to cross the door that there was something different in the air. There was a buzz and I could hear some words spoken by a voice I had never heard before. When I ran my eyes across the room, all fell silent. Not all. Deep down, I could see an unfamiliar face in most chat with one of the students. As soon as she saw me, he turned to the front, where I was shutting up. The student was a rookie and, of course, had not yet been informed by colleagues about what I thought of beginners. Especially those who are transferred from one school to another with the school year in progress. I left already understand what he saw in each transfer student, a threat to discipline. If you had been transferred was because they were appointed in the school of origin and would ready again in the new school.

I went to the back of the room and stared at him, saying, “So you are new, he said. Are you seeing that not even know me. Because I knew that would have shut his mouth when I entered the room. I do not like rude people. At the end of my classes, go to my room to have a conversation. “

At the end of my classes, I made a nod to the novice and went to my room and followed him. We walked in and pointed out the couch where he should sit. I pulled a chair, put it in front of him and sat down. I just went there to repair it. Tall, dark sun burned, about eighteen, he looked at me with a look which did not appear to be afraid of the situation.

On the contrary, it seemed to me that he was looking at my legs with great interest. That was when I was hit with a horn that I had not felt for a long time and a crazy urge to tease him and make him eat me. Ah, I really wanted that student to eat me.

Looking at him steadily, slowly crossed my legs, causing the blazer he wore rise and leave to show my legs. I was sure that, cross your legs, I had shown him my panties. Now he did not even know where to look. That’s when I said “Hey, you like what you see? Or still can not repair and straight? Where do you think that is? A motel room? “He remained silent.

I walked to the door, locked it, went to the couch and sat on his lap. I kissed him on the mouth and I could feel his cock growing under my ass. He at first seemed a little scared when I opened his pants, pulled out his cock I put in my mouth and started sucking.

 Gradually it was quiet and I could hear their moans very softly as I moved the body forward backwards, as if fucking my mouth. I was trying to keep track of the thrusts and we were like that for a long time. He thrusting and pulling the stick out of my mouth. I suck that dick with the greatest will. Tasty. Very tasty.

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