Homem broxando pra vizinha onde o casal é flagrado no meio do mato

His name was Flavius. He was a friend of John, the son of the owners of the house where I lived, Sol Nelson and Dona Vitinha. I was there to study, because it was completing high school, and at the same time keep them company, as lived alone in the house of the village and were already very old.

I had all the freedom I wanted and needed, and how much he liked to work from home, doing almost all the work. Dona Vitinha was more due to the TV and the Sô Nelson because of chatting with friends in the village, which was only a few minutes away, giving to go there on foot.

Dona Vitinha and Sô Nelson always said that child who lived in Belo Horizonte, John, I did not know. I had a year lived with them and he had not made any visit to two, Then he appeared without warning in a weekend. A Thursday, to be more exact. Bringing a friend to meet his parents. Flávio.

I was not home when the two arrived. He was in the village, in the library of the college doing a group work, a research on the Second World War, its causes and consequences.

I would have to present the work in class the other day, a Friday, with three other colleagues. And I did not know that the son of Sô Nelson and Dona Vitinha would arrive bringing a friend, because he was not warned that he would. So, I do not bother to return early to make progress in the work of the house. But, luckily, I had left everything ready and when I returned, already evening, they were already accommodated.

And sleeping, according to Dona Vitinha, were very tired from the trip. It must have been eight in the evening.

I must confess that my curiosity about John and his friend was too big. So I managed to get staying up until after the old men gathered to sleep and went, with all the necessary care, take a look at the visits.

Of both his parents speak of it, I recognized who was John. He slept in a room that I already knew to be his, he was always reserved and prepared by Dona Vitinha for when he arrived. It was quiet, face down and seemed quiet. As you could not see his face, I left to kill the curiosity the other day. Then see such Flavius, who was lying in the room that looked out to the living room.

When I pushed the door, slowly, he was sleeping on his back, uncovered, an arm over his face and the other extended along the body. But what caught my attention was the fact that he was with a tremendous hard-on, set aside out of the underwear she wore to sleep.

 Certainly was stroking his dick while he slept, the bastard. I could not get out of where he was or stop looking that dick, which seemed huge, thick, too attractive.

 Alas, a will to catch, to straighten, to hit a jack, to suck, to suck delicious. My hands shook with desire to go in there and get it. That hard stick stuffed up made me crazy. It was hard to stop myself, to hold on to not go there, but I held on, closed the door slowly and left.

Of course I could not sleep well that night. I got up to go to the bathroom three times, burning with lust. And each time lifted hoped for the guy also wanted to go to the bathroom. Oh, if I caught him there. I could only imagine that cock coming into me, he stuffing me into that cock that looked so good. When I went back to the bedroom, I would lie naked, running my hands down her body, caressing my thighs, rubbing my hand in my pussy, tasty, thrusting my finger. I have enjoyed it a lot of times. Which he had never done until that day. I had been horny all by myself but I had never finished with a silly, pouting. I preferred, of course, a well-worn ass in my pussy.

 And I had already given a lot of guys had already eaten me. Some boyfriends, other traffickers. But that dick seemed to be the best of all. I had to make him stick me. I was there, lying on my bed, imagining things that would make that cock until I slept.

On the morning of the next day, a Friday, I woke up early as usual, got ready and went to school. They were only agreed Sô Nelson and Dona Vitinha, chatting in the kitchen. I took a quick coffee with bread and went to school. Would, as always, on foot. This morning I was so tired that seemed to have walked for a week without stopping. And I had sleep. I was angry for not sleeping right. But what annoyed me even, really, is not to have gotten that stick that had seen the night. He did not get out of my mind, big, hard, thick. I could even feel it was hot, very hot. Shit, I thought, I have to stick to that today.

When I got back from high school John and his friend had already got up and went for a walk around the village. Who told me this was Dona Vitinha, who told me that she was waiting for them to come back for lunch. That he had made the food that João liked, chicken with okra, taioba and rice with beans. She hoped, he said, that his friend would like it, too. She hoped, she said, that his friend also liked.

My curiosity to know John was already controlled. What was not controlled was horny I still felt just remember the fucking I had seen the friend of John, Flávio. His name was Dona Vitinha who told me.

At lunch I told Dona Vitinha that would have lunch later, he was indisposed and went to my room. I was there, waiting all have lunch.

When I realized that lunch was over and that, as was the custom, everyone would retire to the rooms for a nap, went to the kitchen, where would Flavio go to your room and where it could be seen, too, he. I had put a dress of these simple but well short and gave a special mention to my body. I wanted to show me to the owner of that stick, for sure. He was right. I saw he was going, gave him a look bold, and tried to show my legs. I realized that he spent unhurried, very interested in me. Nearly came right there in so hot. I served my plate and I had lunch sitting on a stool in the kitchen. I needed to be strong for what he would do. I sat on the balcony, where I could see the central hall of the house and waited.

All were still asleep when Flavio got up and went to the room. Seeing no one, he went to the kitchen, also empty. Immediately I made a noise on the porch and he went up there, where I was sitting, looking at the yard. He greeted me, introduced himself by saying his name, who was a friend of Flavio and wondering by staff. I told him they were still sleeping.

He asked me why I was awake and I told him I did not like to sleep during the day, he had many things to do and when he was not, I’d rather sit on the porch looking at the yard or orchard. He asked me banal things, showing some interest in my life. I said the most superficially possible. I then asked whether he had seen the orchard and when he said no, I offered to take him, ensuring that he would like. He accompanied me interested.

I was showing him the way, the flowers, the small stream, the birds, until we arrived in tangerines. I stopped near a super walk loaded and stretched all to pick one that was ripe, a higher branch. I made, to stretch your hands, my dress to rise above the middle of my thighs, showing my legs. I turned quickly and saw that he had his eyes fixed on my thighs. I picked up the tangerines and handed him asking if he liked.

 When he answered yes, he liked to gossip, I took a softly chuckled and told him that I was not talking about gossip, but what he was looking so interested, my legs. He said yes, I had beautiful legs, very well made and liked what he saw. I gave him a smile and jokingly made a curtsy lifting her dress to her waist, saying he could appreciate the will. I went to him, took him by the hand and pulled him still holding the dress up. We went in behind some banana trees and kissed. I wrapped myself around him, the urge to give to him increasing, the pussy getting wetter.

I took out his cock, started to hit him in the face. It was tastier than I thought. I stuck it in my mouth and sucked it until I heard her moans, softly. I lay down, pulling him on top of me. I put my legs on his shoulders and made him stuff my ass with me while I wobbled. Each time he tucked me in I felt as if I were going to die of so much pleasure and wanted me to thrust it over and over and over. I hugged and moaned and thrust my fingernails into his back and slumped my way to the bottom. Total madness. A unique hotness. Finally we enjoy. I still wanted more but his cock was hanging, soft, asking for rest.

Then we got up and left. He returned to the house, where everyone should already be agreed that hour. I went to the courtyard where the clothes were spread out on the line and started to collect piece by piece, slowly, putting in the basket was there.

The John was still with Flavio for a week. For a week I gave him and he fucked me in the orchard.

I do not know anyone who likes more than Flávio of tangerines.

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