I went through that stretch of road almost every day during the week, going from Belo Horizonte to the farm that my husband had bought, the highway margins leading to the Holy Spirit. I always drove carefully, not passing the limits indicated on the boards, to avoid accidents. When my husband went along, driving. But he almost always kept on the farm, which took care of everything. I worked in the capital.

So, I took the road to BH every morning and returned in the afternoon, as working only in the morning. I taught in a preparatory course for the entrance exam. Weekend was on the farm, just going to cram school when it was time tests. In these times, I used to work on Saturdays and Sundays, always in the morning.

Lately, whenever he passed on a given stretch of road where there is a next curve of a steep descent, those good to develop greater speed, I began to notice a police car and could see that a guard was standing behind her, wielding one radar.

I began to always slow down well before the turn, not to run the risk of exceeding the ninety kilometers allowed and be fined. The last thing he wanted was to get a fine for speeding, especially when he was so close to home.

One of the occasions when I passed by where was the car I could better see the guard. Tall, strong, with sunglasses. I do not know why or what gave me at the time, but hit me a mad desire to see it more closely. In fact, it seems that was happening to me what I had heard what happened to some women, but I never thought it was true. Or that it could happen to me.

I did, right away, give the guy. No more or less hit that will be grasped by it. Perhaps a saved fantasy inside me, I never knew you had. But I was willing to give pro guard, so I stayed. The rearview mirror saw when he gave arrow, turned and entered the restaurant to the roadside.

For two consecutive Sundays I, returning from Belo Horizonte, arranged a waste of way always at the same time that I noticed for the first time. And always saw going to the restaurant. On the third Sunday I drove there a few minutes after him. I saw him as I entered.

He gave me a look as if sizing me up. I went to the counter, ordered a juice and salt. I sat at a table and as soon as the attendant brought my request, I began to eat. Before, I looked screened for the guard. I was looking at me. I looked away and looked again. I was watching me again. I lamely, I think the insistent gaze scared me a little. I got into the car and returned to the road, taking the opposite direction one in which the guard positioned his car.

I drove for a few kilometers, the car turned and came back. From the top of the spine I realized that the car was already again in the shoulder. I started down accelerating until reaching the one hundred and twenty kilometers just started to decline when I saw that the guard made me hand signals, telling me to go to the shoulder. I had no trouble meeting your order

He came up from my side window, made a comment about me being in a hurry, driving over a hundred and twenty kilometers, which was a danger and asked me to get out and give him my driver’s license and vehicle documents. I gave him a naughty smile, I turned and went back to the car. I opened the door, put half body inside and picked up the documents in the glove box and my driver’s license in my purse. Then I entered, closed the door and went to the passenger seat, opened the door, got out and held the documents in his direction, asking to forgive me but I was too scared to stay in the side of the road and be hit by some crazy.

He walked towards me. I handed him the documents, opened the door, sat on the passenger side and closed it again. I got off the glass and let my arm hanging outside. I said something inaudible voice and he does not understand me, approached asking what I had said. I reached out and stuck it in my of your legs, no more no less. Before he had time to react, I put your dick in my hand still in his pants and started stroking. Hardened at the time. I opened his pants and took his cock out.

He leaned back in my car sticking my ass out the window. I took it and sucked with ease. As he sucked, I was hitting him a hand job until he came in my mouth. I pulled him into the back seat and stayed there, fucking. He ate my pussy and eat my ass. I no longer take any more when I took leave of him, took the road and left.

Ah, before, he picked up a small bag and fined it carefully. Then he rubbed the sheet in my pussy, kneaded it and threw it away, telling me that it was already paid. 

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