That year, the animal was on the Vidigal and my parents decided it was time to set a time in the big city and back to the inside, where they had gone for many years. My father never told me the real reason to change, but I suspected that he was hiding was in need of a staff there. I do not know what he had done, but it is certain that gathered our things and went back to Minas.

The town where we lived was cozy, small but nice. Is calm. Very calm. But what attracted my attention, since when we were its two rivers, which joined within the city and followed with its clear water running not know where. Oh, and your route were forming small waterfalls where you could see the small fish up the spawning season. Known as spawning.

Since I arrived, I liked to swim and when he did, he considered the river as if it were my own. I reached the point of expelling from there the other people who solve go swimming when I was swimming.

There was a group of boys about my age who insisted on sharing the river with me. But they stopped trying after one of them, more daring, tried to give me a claw in the water. I hit him so hard he never looked at me again. And his friends saw the beating I gave him as a warning not to mess with me. And so when I stepped into the river it really was just mine. They started calling me Mermaid and I accepted the nickname in a good way..

Not to try anything with me, I told a friend who had a very loose tongue, my story.

Born and raised in Vidigal, she had learned all the malandragens of the hill, including some techniques and some blows of martial fights. He knew judo, capoeira, karate and Thai boxing. Anyway, I was quite capable of breaking anyone who was a macho and came inside.

In fact, I had even learned something from struggles with a cousin, Charlie Main Man. From him I learned a few more things, how yummy fuck. He ate me the first time when I was thirteen. It was at his house, a shack on the same hill, but at the top, which was where the most important things happened. He was my first man. I was brand new but already had a big body.

I endured Carlinhos shove me your cock and if moaned, was pleased and not of fear or pain. The pain until I felt at the beginning, when his dick, tough, began to tear my pussy.

Even it slipping slowly I felt the meat was ripping, burning, burning. And hurting. I felt the pressure of his body pressing me to stick in, felt the cock was going in and my lust was growing. And I wiggled and wiggled when he felt that the stick went better and hurt less. So I wiggled further. And grew hotter Carlinhos fucking inside me. He deflowered me and told everybody.

After that first time, I always gave to Carlinhos. Whenever he showed up in our shack. Or when he sent me a message to go to his. It was he who taught me the defensive blows. He said it was so I could turn around and defend myself. And this is what I did in the city of my parents.

The group that I was part accepted me well since my arrival and did not mind I think that the river was just mine. The boys liked to stare at me from the edge of the river when I was swimming and playing in the water. And I knew why they liked. I always wore a white skirt that was transparent when wet showing my body. And just wearing panties. I did not like to swim bra.

They should love to see my little tits. Even I thought they were pretty. From time to time I noticed someone looking directly at them when we were in the small square. It was as if they really wanted to see if they were the same people they saw in the river.

In the class that was closest to me was Paul. Cute. I felt he was to me but did not dare to come. It must be because of the beating he gave the guy. Ah, if he knew that I too was wanting him, resolved soon. But damned did not come. Until Charlie came to spend a few days in our house.

 I introduced him to the Paul and saw immediately that my cousin was not approved by him, Dislike a male feels the other when he thinks he can be a rival. And Paul out of my story with Charlie. I am supposed to be jealous.

While I was at home, Carlinhos kept me busy, fucking him whenever we had a chance. I barely left the house. I used a lot. The class was always complaining about my presence and I saying that I had to pay attention to my cousin, to help my mother, those ragged excuses.

One night, I convinced Carlinhos to fuck me into the river. He found me there in the small beach, took clothes, entered the water and stayed a long time just getting into all that was that.

 Then Carlinhos went away and I went in the water, playing, diving, swimming. When you leave, my clothes were not where I had left I had entered the river bare to give to Charlie. He had thrown his clothes on a grassy patch by the river’s edge and now they were not there. Bitch that gave birth, I thought, the bastard of the carlinhos decided to make me come home naked. That’s when I heard a noise and turned around.

There was Paul holding in my hands my panties and my dress, and with the other, making a sign to me to be quiet. I understood from what he wanted.

Cuss out over there on the edge of the river, among the grass thickets.

Paulo told me that he had never really gotten into a woman. That he’d done some fucking asshole, but never had. Then I gave him a full class. I sucked his cock as I covered his mouth so he did not shriek with pleasure. I got all fucked up and fucked my pussy in my pussy and pushed it all the way through. I rebounded like this, as only I knew how to do and he was almost crazy. My body asked for more. I wanted to give him more. I’d never given anyone to fuck me the first time. So I made him eat my ass until I enjoyed it.

 Paul, after all, was much in profit. One night only until my ass he ate. I told him that the course had ended.

I made him promise me that he would return in the evening of the next day to receive his diploma. And I was so fucking every night on the riverbank that Paul was taking the place of Charlie and making my man.

Until I decided to move to Belo Horizonte.

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