Throughout my childhood Jorge was always my closest friend, whom I trusted the most. We grew up together living on the same street, attending each other’s house, playing together, studying together. I’ve never had anything to complain about him. Real friend, indeed. So friendly that I had the courage to entrust my life to him, if I had to.

I never had this Jorge as a man, only as a friend. Until that day, when my life with him gave a complete turnaround. And Jorge’s life has changed too, I’m sure.

My older sister, Carla, lived in Belo Horizonte and was married to a lawyer named Joaquim. They had no children and spent the holidays, whenever they could, in our house, with our parents.

My brother-in-law was a good lawyer, like every lawyer, handsome, and, as I was gradually discovering, very naughty. It gave me every look that I, in the beginning, lost until the rolled.

Then I got used to his way and feeling safer. And the sight of him looking at me as a woman left me all. I was sixteen and had a body that was jealous of all my friends my age. Those who did not know me well thought I was older.

So I went to all the places where women met, and even the older ones accepted me. And so I participated in the conversations, even the heaviest. I learned everything from sex without ever getting involved. I already felt ready to give it as soon as I thought it was time. And he was already horny when he thought about what it would be like to be giving.

Joaquim, my brother-in-law, liked to hold me and I felt that he took advantage of me to caress me more than usual. In fact, I felt he was smoothing me. And I was enjoying it when he did it. So much so that sometimes I would try to walk past him when I was alone and find a way to run into him just so he could hold me or feel his hand bumping into my body.

 He had already realized that I was giving him soft. He began to find the time to stay with me. And I got Carla off. I also got into his game and started misleading my sister so I could be closer to him. We were both playing our little game. And I was getting more and more horny for Joaquim.

My parents used to go to bed early. So, even after they went to bed, the house was open so that we, our children, grandchildren and other relatives, would have the freedom to come and go as long as we wanted. With total freedom.

It was on a night when there was a meeting of women at our friend’s house that I, in front of Joaquim, gave an excuse that I was not feeling well and that I would stay home to see if it would get better. Carla left with two neighbors and told Joaquim that he could stay on the phone, that she would return with the staff when the meeting was over. Which, of course, would be long.

Joaquim said that he would take a shower and then give an arrival in the square to have a chat with the people or to play some games of pool in the Bar of the Point.

When everyone left, I switched off the light from the porch and leaned against the wall looking down the street. I felt it when Joaquim came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders and leaned against me, behind him, slowly, asking in my ear if I had already improved. I said yes, that was fine.

He then squeezed his body a little more in mine and asked quietly if he could stay there with me. I said yes, I could. He squeezed my shoulders and felt his cock growing on my butt. He went down one hand down my arm, around my waist and when I hit the thing I was already putting my open hand on his cock. My body was getting hot, a fire was building inside me and when I realized I was wagging his butt and rubbing his rod in it. He turned me slowly, squeezing me into his chest and kissing me so that I could barely breathe. Of course I was corresponding.

 And enjoying catching the dick, I quickly opened his pants, pulled him out, and started to play with him, rubbing, smoothing. It gave me a damn urge to suck that cock so hot and so hard. Joaquim seems to have guessed my thoughts. It was lowering my head with a slight pressure and when I found myself, I was already sucking on his cock, almost choking, sucking as he, with his hand on the nape of the neck, pulled and pushed my head marking the rhythm of my Sucked Then she made me get up, hugged me, and kissed my mouth as I felt her hand tighten and caress my pussy. All I could do was shake and stir the horny body. Until he told me he was going to fuck me, pluck my gourd, eat me all. I could only say yes, that he fucked me, that he ate me all. And that’s what Joaquim did.

Right there, on the porch, after me on all fours. I almost died of such pleasure. I can not even remember if it hurt. When I went to bed I still felt as if his cock had stayed inside me. But it was not a bad feeling. I cried with joy. He had given and liked it.

Joaquim started eating me whenever I came with Carla to visit my parents. It even seems to come more often. And no one knew that I was giving Joaquim and he really liked fucking me. It was our secret.

So it happened on that Friday night, in the first week of October.

Carla and Joaquim had arrived late and we were talking on the beach when Jorge arrived. She joined us and we were together, the four of them, until Carla said she was going to bed because she was very tired from the trip.

 I said that I also wanted to sleep early because I was not feeling very well and we accompanied Jorge to the gate. He, before leaving, joked with me saying that my malaise was because I was getting old. We went in, Carla and I while Joaquim told us that he would stay there a little longer, on the porch, because he was not sleepy. This was our tip.

I waited a little in the room until I was sure Carla was already asleep. I left and went to meet Joaquim on the porch. From there, we went down to the alley that gave access to the porch and Joaquim began to fuck me very tasty. I was so horny and wiggling so hard, moaning softly every time Joaquim fucked me to the stalk, that I could not keep my eyes open. I clung to him, planted my nails behind him and begged him to come in harder and moan with pleasure when I realized that something was not right.

 I opened my eyes and I saw Jorge, white as a candle with novena altar wax, standing in front of me, looking at me with bulging eyes.

At first I was scared. But Joaquim’s cock was so hot inside my pussy that I let it roll and I gave Jorge a very good smile. When he realized that only I had seen him, he turned and left quickly without turning. I continued to fuck, letting Joaquim eat me very nice until I realized he was enjoying it, when that hot fucking thing spurted inside me. I hugged him and I enjoyed it too.

As always, Carla and Joaquim, who had arrived on Friday, traveled back to the capital on Monday morning. When night fell, I met Jorge. We sat on our stool on our street and stood there talking, as if nothing had happened between us until around midnight when he accompanied me to my house.

Arriving there, I took his hand without saying anything, I took him to the alley where Jorge saw Joaquim fucking me, hugged him, kissed him, took out his cock, made him very hard, sucked him with desire And made me eat. And he ate me very horny, with great pleasure and with great force. And I loved that he had a big cock, hard and hot.

Throughout the end of the year, until December, Jorge fucked me practically every day. Increasingly yummy. Then, in December, I went to the Capital. He took me to the bus, kissed him in the mouth with everyone watching and I boarded. To live with Carla and Joaquim. My dream.

I never saw Jorge again.

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