The 31st of July was, at the same time, a day of great sadness and great joy for me. It was the most anticipated and important dance of the year. Reason for my joy and the joy of all of us young people, who waited for him all the month.

But he, on the 31st, also marked the last day of July vacations. What we did not think was good, because those who were just for a walk would have to return and those who, like me, lived in the city visited, would be alone with our memories of what had happened on vacation.

The important thing was the 31st of July ball. In it, we put aside all future sadness and lived only the emotions of that night.

I, who was dating Marcinho, was already quiet because he had already guaranteed our invitations. To ensure that nothing would ruin my party, I was praying in his head every day to be careful of the excess drinks. I knew he liked to stuff his face from time to time. If it was not for that ball to drink too much, I would say. But he gave no other.

At night, when he came to pick me up at home, Marcinho was already more cheerful than usual. He had already drunk with his friends at the bar in the square. I took the opportunity to talk again that I was not going to let him drink more, that I wanted to have fun, that he had to think about me, etc., etc. I even threatened that I would break up with him if he made me feel a little embarrassed. He, as always, promised me that nothing would happen that bad, that only good things could happen, hugged me tightly, ran his hand over my ass and kissed me a kiss with taste of mint gums, which was chewing to mislead the drink. He took my hand and led me to the club.

During the dance, we danced a lot, Marcinho and I and also danced with some of our friends. As much as I like to dance, I did not realize that while I danced with others, Marcinho used to drink more. I did not even see that I was mixing everything.

At one point, he no longer wanted to dance when I called. So when the orchestra played some good music to dance alone, I would go to the dance floor and dance.

 When it was romantic music I would sit there watching Marcinho doze off. There, I could not stand the anger that was growing inside me and I decided to leave, leaving Marcinho sleeping on the table, so he could learn.

I left the club and the first person I saw outside was Eduardo, a guy with whom I had already exchanged glances before starting to date Marcinho. But we never got past the looks because he seemed very shy and did not have the guts to get at me.

I called him and asked him if he did not mind taking me home, that Marcinho had gotten drunk sleeping on the table, that I was very fucking him and did not want to stay at the ball anymore. He gave me a smile and said he did not care, that would be a pleasure, stayed by my side and accompanied me.

My house was a good few blocks away from the club and we were walking down the street. He put his arms over my shoulder and listened to me complain and curse Marcinho’s fret. Every now and then, I laughed at what I said, but I was still silent at my side, letting myself vent. I was feeling better, the anger of my boyfriend dwindled and was already enjoying to walk with Eduardo when he, as we enter a darker street, pulled me hard causing me to be facing him. I took two scares.

The first when he pulled me with force without that I expected. The second he hugged me and kissed my mouth will. I did not even think to react. I let him kiss me and was holding me to it, making my tongue look for it. It was a long kiss, those that we start and do not want to let it go.

Embraced in the street moved away and we pulled into a wall in the darkened between two houses. We kissed again and I took my titty out, lowered his head and did with that kiss. He put the pout of my chest in his mouth and was nibbling, very lightly and sucking while I almost fell from so much pleasure and horny.

 I moaned softly. I tried not to moan but could not take it. I came over at once with him sucking and biting my boobs. I could not stand it. I took his cock, squatted and sucked, I sucked tasty, feeling his hand on my neck, holding me by the hair, pushing and pulling, forward and backward, making his cock in and out of my mouth. I made a huge effort not to let the stick go out and lose blowjob. Before he would enjoy, I took the mouth of his dick. I took off my panties, put a half-raised leg against the wall, and made him stick his dick in my pussy until it came in all the way.

I was feeling when he was sticking his dick in me and was fidgeting, wiggling, bringing in more and more until he began to move inside and out, inside and out. I followed their movements. I came and enjoyed when I hugged him and wanted that it did not end more. And enjoyed again. Until he increased his moans and told me he was going to come.

 I took his cock inside the pussy and I caused that he enjoyed on my thighs. Strong hugged when I felt his cum dripping down my legs. I picked up the panties, I cleaned the fucking my legs, threw her panties on the street and continue on our way.

When Edward left me at home, I took a shower and did not delay anything to fall asleep. In no time I thought of my cuckold boyfriend. It has an old saying that on prom night, who only drinks in the final dance.

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