When I went into the mall that night, everything was very well planned. I would do some shopping, for sure, but what I really wanted was to get someone to fuck me. It had been a long time since anyone had ever fucked me. At least a week, which seemed like forever.

Since I was not dating anyone, I would have to move, show myself, arouse the greed of men. To put my body in the window with my malice, if need be. Show my legs, show my butt, something, but I needed to be seen. No place better for this than the mall, where everyone was going to hunt adventures.

As I walked slowly through the corridors, looking at the windows, stopping at some, I cataloged the looks of the men I passed by, choosing whom to devote my special attention to. There was a bit of everything.

Little girls who would certainly not know very well what to do with me without being drugged, men who were accompanied, unaccompanied, well dressed, poorly dressed, and even some old men who looked at me more sharply, as if they could take care of me. They certainly would not. For these I would be too much. And I did not care about the looks they gave me. I let them feel free.

As I walked, I would wiggle slightly, stirring my butt, which by the way I knew was very delicious because everyone who had eaten said it always “that hot butt your ass,” without haste, with a whim. Since the dress I wore was very flat, of those that provoked showing the curves of the body, my hair was drawing attention to the outside.

In one of those scattered glances to see who was eating me with the eyes I noticed a face that, surely, I had already seen in two other corridors. Then he could only be following me. And if he followed me, it was because his interest in me must be very great. I decided to test if it was that and looked at it.

A look of those good ones, with the eyes in the eyes of a very daring way. And to confirm that he was following me, I went to the elevators and, before entering one of them, I still took another look to see if he understood that it was me that I looked at. When the door closed he was staring at me, seeming unsure of not being able to join me. I went up three floors up, left, came back and went down again.

When the elevator opened the doors I saw that the guy was there in the hallway, looking away from a window, but looking at me. I went toward him and, without anyone realizing it, I signaled him again, showing the elevators. I wandered down the next corridor and came back, coming up to him in the elevator that was opening the door.

I stood behind him and we walked in together. I let him go to the bottom and put myself in front of him. I reached out and punched the top floor. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was looking at me. I did not even call. I kept looking forward. When the elevator made the first stop, some people went down and no one entered. I pulled my body a little apart and felt my ass lean against him lightly. We went from the third to the sixth floor, leaning against each other. I had touched her hand lightly so she would understand that I understood. Then I saw him lean against me and I felt that he fit his body into mine, discreetly.

On the sixth floor we were alone. Then it was as if the world had just the two of us. We hugged, kissed, and clung as if we were part of each other. We were wanting one inside the other right there. I took your dick out. And I felt how strong your love for me was. The stick pulsed hard and hot and I turned, staying on my back without letting go of that cock, I was on all fours. He ate me. There, in the elevator that went up. The dick coming in and out of my pussy. The two moaning.

I wiggled in a hallucinatory way I felt he had trouble sticking in my pussy. I wanted to help and rebound even more. I just wanted the stick to stay inside me, not to leave. And I would tell him that if I left I would kill him. And he moaned and stuck. I do not even know how many times I have.

At twelve, when the door opened and closed again, with the elevator starting to come down again, I felt that his cum had filled my pussy and that his cock was no longer so hard. I let him take it off and we kissed a nice goodbye kiss.

The door only opened again on the fourth floor. There I went down as if nothing had happened. All wet and dirty fucking I soon found a bathroom where I could recover. The only thing I thought about was “what’s his name?” The hunt was over.

It was time to start shopping.

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