I was strolling through facebook, as I always do every night before going to sleep, when my eyes came across the name of an acquaintance I had not seen for many years as being online. Instinctively, I clicked on his name

And I greeted, asking how he was. Inwardly, I thought he would not answer me, considering the time not seen each other and the fact that it was possible that not even remember me anymore just by name. But what was my surprise when, a few minutes after he posted the message, received his answer.

Even though talking to some friends, I was typing away with it for a long time, remembering the past, when frequented together the same college.

We adjusted the age. At that time we should have been in their early twenties and we were writing. I remember that he was short of classes but always late, almost always at the end of the first hour. He always complained that he was leaving the service late.

I worked in a bookshop. It was he who resorted, almost all of the room when we needed to consult any literary work in particular or any author, by appointment of teachers. For this reason I and my group of colleagues we held his bar, passing it the material given by the first time teachers or allowing him to do the work of our group.

 His presence in our group was always very well-sales because it, and very intelligent, had a very great ease to speak, which strengthened our presentations of the work. Not to mention that, working in a bookstore, I was in charge of getting the books to our research.

During the four years we were classmates, I never felt any physical attraction for him, but found him a handsome guy.

After college each of us went his way and not heard from him. Until that first contact that night on facebook.

The next day I worked normally as usual during the week. At night, at home, after having had dinner and seen on television, the chapter of the novel that was following, went to the computer and spent time checking my email.

Then I made the connection with facebook and saw that my friend was already online. So I just got a message connect your. I asked how I was and told me he had dreamed me last night. The night we had talked.

I wanted to tease him and asked him if the dream had been good. He replied that yes, he had been very good, but it had been frustrating. Quite naturally I asked him, then, to tell me how he had been dreaming. He mischievously, told me he could not tell, saying that if she told me, I’d fight him. I told him then, “I bet you dreamed that we were having sex.”

Then he told me the dream. In it, my body writhed as if to get away from your body more like an unimaginable belly dancing. Up, down, to the side, to the other side, up again, down in an endless coming and going. He penetrated me deeply and I gave off soft moans were increasing tone while asking – more, more, more, now, now, yummy, yummy – and when he was going to explode in joy … woke her heart pounding and fast. And he slept no more the rest of the night, wondering how it would be good to be with me, in a real way.

As he spoke, his voice rising to a more intimate tone and he told me just to be telling me the dream was already getting a big boner that was increasing even more.

 When I asked – a hard-on? – And he said yes, I said – oh, I want to see now, turn on the camera. He asked me – now? I told him yes. He turned on the camera.

I was wearing a black sweater, embroidered at the ends, with a neckline that showed off my breasts. Short, covering only half of my thighs. Transparent, let see my panties.

I asked – and there is liking what you see? he said yes and I then started a smooth dance, swaying her hips slightly, as she taking her nightgown, leaving only underwear. I saw him looking at me, rapt and horny. I told you – why do not you show me how it is for me to see if you’re horny even want to see you hard cock. He was undressing, getting naked. I started to touch me as I watched jerking off and just the two, enjoying together, although only seeing us. After coming, we turn off the computer and went, the two sleep. Each in his house. Each in his bed. Both satisfied and happy.

We had the two fallen on the Net.

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