I had started my night shift at six hours. He had a quiet call, so I observed in Reports Doctors had found in the nursing room. All my patients last call were waiting for me and only a novice patient had been received in the early afternoon. Suspected heart attack but the medical description, should only be kept in strictest observation. Any possible risk of a heart attack. high for the next day is forecast to pass well that night. It was my first patient.

Upon entering the room I found him sleeping undisturbed sleep. I did not think he was sick. Corado. Good-looking. He appeared to be about forty, no more than that. Too young for heart problems, I thought.

Woke up to the light touch of my hand on his arm. I smiled to reassure him and apologized for having agreed, telling him he would check his temperature, measure its pressure and give you a medicine. I put the thermometer in your armpit, I counted one minute, removed it, I read its temperature and noted in your medical records. Then measure your blood pressure, also noting the result. Finally, I gave him a pill that had been prescribed by the doctor who was accompanying.

While doing the checks and notes he was watching me and at one point he asked me if I was starting my duty. I told him that yes, it was my first patient and asked him how guessed. He told me that I was still yummy smell of freshly washed body, which was not yet in hospital smell, remedies or patients.

I, smiling, said “liked the perfume”, he said yes and I smiled to him saying “it looks like it is on care of the heart” smiling again. He told me that the doctor had assured him that the heart was fine. So I told him that “there are things that make the heart respond much more quickly than drugs.”

Then I removed the thermometer, said that the weather was great, the pressure was also good, 12 by 8, child, made a fondness in his arm and headed for the door, leaving the apartment.

As I walked down the aisle to meet my other patient, something began to happen to me. I realized, suddenly, that the patient bastard had started that conversation with sole intention to provoke me. Surely I had found me hot. It gave me a huge desire to return there to continue the conversation and see what was going.

 The naughty, have even cardiological observation, it did not seem to be afraid to start a conversation that could lead you to have a sexual arousal. It bothered me and made me more attracted to him. Oh, I wanted to somehow see how far would the situation.

I finished all the medical procedures with my other patient and returned to the first one. I found him squeezing, again. I stood there for a while watching him. I had already decided what to do. I locked the door inside and approached his bed. I cleared my throat, very lightly, making a low noise but enough to wake him.

He opened his eyes and I was there, watching. I told her a “hello again. It’s time to wake up. I’ll give you a bath to sleep tonight tasty. ” He said, and reached out to help her up. I helped him get off the bed carefully. I passed my arm around his shoulders and took him to the bathroom, taking off his clothes.

 He wore hospital pajamas, very light and easy to take off. Soon he was naked. I opened the shower register and the water flowed and, regulating now and then, I left it well tempered, more warm, because it was already the beginning of the night and the weather began to cool. Then I held him and let the jet of water flow over him. I picked up the soap and began to lather it, very slowly.

 I turned it back. When I turned again, facing, I was completely naked. I hugged him and took his cock starting to make caresses it, as she kissed him on the mouth. The water fall on us warm. I could feel his heart pounding. His cock hardened even more.

 I hugged him harder. I crouched down and sucked his cock for a long time. I turned on my back, put his cock between my legs and asked him “stick now, I want you all inside me.” And we went with a lot of will until we fully enjoyed it. I asked him how he was and when he told me he was scared, but well, I smiled at him, beginning to wipe his body.

I took him to his bed, made him lie down, gave him a long kiss and left.

When the night was already very high and everyone was asleep I went back to his apartment, I lay down next to him, hugged him and woke him up saying “eat my ass.” When he finished eating my ass I told him I could rest assured that he had done very well in that his last cardiological evaluation.

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