Alice had been my friend for many years. We had grown up almost together, seeing each other every day and attending each other’s house as freely as possible. At school, we would sit side by side and, whenever possible, do the jobs that were given by the teachers together. We were like nails and flesh.

As long as we were together, it was natural for some malicious people to imagine that we had, in addition to our friendship, some other kind of involvement.

A secret love relationship. What had never happened to my head or Alice’s head. We had never seen each other as a man and a woman. We were friends and just friends. We were, so to speak, asexual about our way of living.

We lived on a street that started at Square of the Point, the main square of the city, and ended at Seven Avenue, where the main commercial points were located, represented by the Bank of the State, the Post Office, the Collector’s Office, the Registry Office and some Shops, a tailor shop and a watch shop.

 My house was more or less halfway down the street, between the Post Office and the Office and Alice’s house a few yards later, between the State Bank and the Collector’s Office.

 Since most of the houses next to us were occupied by public or commercial offices, we were already accustomed to the silence of the street, when night fell, the commerce ceased and all were closed. And since there was almost no movement, we used to talk until late, sitting on one of the several benches arranged under the trees, in “our street,” as we were talking about.

 We never worry about security and we have never been harassed or felt threatened in any way. So it was natural for us to leave the doors of our houses ajar or just leaning while we were talking in the street.

 My friend Alice had an older sister, Carla, married to a lawyer named Joaquim. They lived in the Capital, but since Alice’s mother was not well, her sister and her brother-in-law came to see her almost every weekend. week. They always arrived on Friday night and returned on Monday morning.

During this time, Alice had grown accustomed to staying home, keeping company with her mother and sister. I always went there and we talked a little, so we did not lose the habit. Then I would go home early and stay there, watching television until sleep comes.

So it happened on that Friday night, the first week of October.

 I went to Alice’s house at eight o’clock and I stayed there, talking to her and Carla until nine. They accompanied me to the gate and Carla said goodbye to me, saying that she was very tired from the trip and crazy to go to bed and rest. Alice told me that she would also take the opportunity to sleep too early because she was not feeling very well. I joked with her that her discomfort was old-fashioned. We laughed a lot and left them.

When I was at home, I went to the kitchen, had a coffee, and went to the room where I sat in front of the television, together with my parents to watch television. Immediately I missed my wallet. Ah, I must have left Alice’s house, I thought. I got up and headed there.

 When I reached the gate, I noticed that the only light on Alice’s house was the one on the porch, indicating that everyone should already be lying down.

 I was turning to return when something caught my eye. A noise, a low noise, but that sounded like a muffled moan.

 Curious, I opened the gate and entered the alley that led to the porch. As I tried to make no noise, I soon discovered the cause of the groan. Leaning against the wall, facing me, looking at me with frightened eyes, Alice was being fucked by her brother-in-law. As I was his back, he did not see me. But she, for sure. And he did not expect me to come back or to show up there, just then.

He fucked her and she clung to him, fidgeting and moaning softly. Gazing at me with startled eyes at first, but then drawing a rascal smile, full of malice. I stood there, watching, for a little while. She then worked out the performance and the hips. And I smiled, the bastard. I turned, very slowly, and went home.

 That night, for the first time, I saw Alice as she really was: a woman. And I could not sleep uncomfortable with what I had witnessed. I could not understand. Or did not want to understand. Alice betrayed her sister to her brother-in-law. I had seen Joachim fucking Alice and she was enjoying it. How that was possible, I thought. She had never let me know anything. Sister surely could never imagine. All that moved me a lot.

 When I got to sleep, it was already dawn.

On Saturday, I have not seen Alice all day. To my despair, I saw Joaquim ten times. And every time I saw him I felt insecure, as if I feared that he had seen me and could, at any moment, want to make satisfactions with me. I had a really bad day.

At night, of course, I went to Alice’s house, talked to her, her sister and her mother, trying to appear as natural as possible. She did not seem to be embarrassed at any moment by my presence. And your sister seemed as natural as possible. I went back home and wondered what was going on down the alley there. I fucked up thinking I was fucking Alice.

On Sunday everything was repeated like on Saturday. New punch hit in honor of Alice. Who I thought about and wanted as a woman. No longer as a friend. On Monday morning, I saw Joaquim and Carla traveling back to the Capital. I have not seen Alice all day.

At nightfall, we meet on the street and sit on our bench. We stayed there, talking as if nothing had happened or changed in our lives. It was about midnight when we got up and I accompanied her to her house. We talked naturally. Upon reaching the gate, she simply took my hand, walked me down the alley with her hands and leaned against the wall, pulling me toward her. We hugged each other and she kissed me and reached for my cock and held it with a firm hand. Then he calmly opened the zipper of my trousers and pulled it off, caressing it. He bent down, put my dick in his mouth and sucked, yummy, until he could not get any harder. Then he lowered his pants, took off his panties, turned his back on me, and helped me squeeze my pussy, slowly, as he rolled over so that he would fit in. With one hand she caressed my sack under her legs while with the other squeezed my arm. And as I moaned hotly, Alice, when I dug my dick deep, pulled it out and stuffed it again. As if we had been training for a long time, we enjoyed together. Then we kissed and she went into the house without giving me a last look.

During the rest of the year, we behaved as if we were still just friends all day. We fuck madly and desperately, every night.

 In December she moved to Carla’s home in the Capital. The last night we spent together, she took me to her room and fucked and slept together until morning. I took her to the bus and we kissed in front of everyone who was there. She came in without giving me a last look.

 We never met again!

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