I had spent two days in Belo Horizonte at my uncles house, where I traveled from the city where I lived in the interior at least once a month, taking pieces of lingerie made by my mother and that my aunt bought for resale, as a sackcloth. It was a Friday night.

I confess that this time I would return without any adventure to tell my friends that they would definitely stay for a few days asking me things I did or things that someone else had done to me. In fact, what interested them was how I had spent the two days in BH and with whom I had stayed, if I had given and for whom.

 They lived imagining that everyone there was with everyone, that everyone lived only getting. And I helped them to think this way, since every time I came back from BH I told them several hairy stories, the ones they liked so much to hear. And in which they believed piously.

But they were lies that I invented, most of the time. So they were satisfied and I got along with them, looking like I was enjoying my twenty-two years very well.

Of course I had already had in BH some pretty fucking adventures. He already knew where to show me when he wanted to have an adventure. And of course I wanted nothing serious with anyone in the capital. I always thought I was going to marry someone in my town. There, I could choose who to marry. He knew everyone. But he always invented something to talk to the girls. Only this time, I was not going to have to invent anything. All I’m going to report happened. The way I’m going to tell you.

I arrived at the bus station earlier, went down to the platform where I was going to board, and I had to wait just a little while to get on the bus.

For my bad luck, when buying the ticket, I only got a place that was not in the window, where I always liked to stay. This time the darn bus was full. It was a holiday ending. But to compensate, the place next to mine was still empty. So I sat there and hoped that no one would take the place of the window.

I was talking on the phone to my aunt when a guy arrived and stood next to the armchair that would be mine, the one in the hallway. He looked at me and, realizing that I was talking on the phone, told me that the place where I was  his. I smiled back and motioned for him to sit in the empty chair as I continued my conversation with my aunt. She lifted a handbag and placed it in the luggage rack above us. I kept on the phone.

As the other passengers were coming in and looking for their seats, the guy, seeing that he was disturbing the passage, sat down. I saw, by his physiognomy, that he had not been satisfied at all. But I did not mind, after all, we were already settled and I did not see anything much in staying where I was.

 I really wanted that window. So when the bus came out, with the lights off, I asked the guy if he did not mind letting me stay in the window, I did not like to travel in the hallway, which used to go awry, those common excuses we give When she wants to appear polite but does not want to give up. He said it did not matter and left me there. I thanked him lightly by touching his arm, asked where he was going and when he told me he was going to my city I gave him a smile and said that we would go together, until the end of the trip.

A light but steady rain was falling, making the night darker and colder.

The passengers were already settled and most of them sleeping or dozing. I glanced at the guy next door and saw that he was awake, though with his eyes closed, as if trying to sleep. I do not know why, it gave me a damn urge to mess with him. I got up and, without apologizing, I advanced my body through the tight space between him and the front seat, since he had not laid his. As I passed, I brushed my legs on his knees and let my butt get close to his face. I was in no hurry to get by and I even glanced sideways to see the face of my traveling companion. I saw that he had opened his eyes and looked at my ass.

I went to the restroom at the end of the bus but it did not take long there. I came back in the dark, slowly, and turned to go to my corner. But I was already wanting a sucker. She was horny.

As I began to move to my seat, I made a stop, put one of his hands on his shoulder, made my legs between his knees, and began to exercise in the trunk, in the dark, as if searching for something. I made my tits stand so close to his face that he just put his hand on it. When she picked it up, I slid her knee so she knew I had liked it. I even lowered my body a little so nobody could see him smoothing one of my breasts. Then I turned my body slowly, going to my corner.

Only, pretending to have gotten unbalanced, I took a little sit on his lap and stayed quiet there, a little bit. Long enough to notice a hard cock against my ass. That made me crazy. Increasing strength. Willingness to catch. But right now the bus made a right turn and I saw that we were arriving at the station where I was going to stop. When the lights came on I was already right in my armchair.

I went to the bathroom and was so horny that I had my whole wet pussy and boiling desire to fuck. To be fucked, actually. That’s when I had the idea of ​​taking off my panties to make things easier. I was just thinking about having that cock come into me. Nothing more.

When I came back from the bathroom, I saw that the target of my desires was standing by the counter. I stood there, leaning against a wall that separated the bar from the snack bar on the bus until I saw him walking back to his place. I quickly reached out and handed him a small pack made from one of those sheets of paper to wipe my hands, where I had wrapped my panties. I waited a little longer outside and then got on the bus.

Arriving at my seat, I gently asked permission and he politely walked away so I could sit down. The bus moved again and the lights went out. I took her hand and placed it on my leg. Then I pulled him to me and we hugged each other, both of them now occupying only my armchair. I lowered my pants. He stroked my pussy and fucked hard, and I began to suck very slowly, increasing the pace as his horniness increased and the stick became even harder in my mouth. And while he was sucking, he was going to hit him with a blowjob.

His hands were working the little pout of my chest and my pussy. He was shoving his finger and pulling, shoving and pulling while I sucked on that dick with all my heart. Then I turned to the corner and let him get me that fucking cock in a hot, very hot way. He fucked me for a long time. I did not even know how many times until I felt that he was enjoying, too, that fucking streaming from the dick and flowing into me. Then he took the stick inside, slid into his chair, and I turned, leaned my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes, and slept almost immediately.

When I woke up, the bus was stopping at the bus station in my town. I was alone in my bank. He had made an excellent trip.

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