Flagra de casal dormindo pelados na praia

I liked the club. That’s where I was when I was very stressed. There I relaxed and recovering the energy when the battery was already running out. On weekends, almost everyone I worked organizing parties. tiring work that required me a huge effort and total time. For each event organized, he spent at least a week of dedication almost exclusively so that nothing went wrong.

When there is a failure in an event can burn all future indications, as our advertising depends on our good name and indications of our customers. The truth is that it was the club I recomposed myself after every job.

I’m kind of whim and when skepticism with anything nothing gets me this head schism. While not solve the thing I am not at peace with myself. I do not like to leave anything unresolved.

That Wednesday, when I went to the club, I had a spell with me. I attended the club’s already had more than a year and have not been with anyone there, had had no affair with someone. It turns out that a friend who also went there had told me that already had been with three guys. He even showed me who they were. They were always playing football on weekends.

I coined that I had to stay with someone at the club, but that would not be with any of the three, so my friend did not say I was enjoying her tip. There were two places where I planned to find someone to stay: the game room, where were the sinucas and ping-pong tables and pool. So I decided to go hunting.

One Sunday, I entered the hall and saw a guy playing pool, alone, with no opponent. Hey, I thought, might be today. I went there and asked whether he wanted to be my partner for ping pong. He agreed and stayed there a long time, playing. I hinted to me in every way, I soft but he did not seem to realize an interest. They were reaching more people wanting to play well and I ended up leaving quite frustrated. The son of a bitch must be fagot, I muttered.

As my events were increasing, my weekends at the club scarcer. I had no more time. So I started going there just during the week, in the days when you could take a break .. What happened some time later, on a Wednesday.

I arrived early as he liked to do to take good advantage of the sun. Nine o’clock was already in the pool, playing alone in the water. I was swimming carelessly when, from a stroke and another, I saw in front of me, sitting in a chair the face of the game room, the face of ping pong.

Our eyes met and I’ll smile. He smiled back. I swam to the edge, I left the pool and went towards him. I saw that followed me with his eyes, curious. I asked him if he was not going into the water, he said no. I told him that the water was warm and before he said anything else, I reached out, grabbed his hand, pulled it and took me to the pool.

We stayed there, I swimming and diving and he stopped, just watching me. He asked me if I wanted a soda and I said yes. He left the pool and went to the bar. I then also got out and went into the ward where they kept the games room and bathrooms. But I made him see me walk there.

He met me at the door, handed me a can of soda and walked. He went to the game room while I went to a separate part where the bathrooms were. Before, I scanned the room and saw that it was empty this time.

Ah, will be today and now, I thought decided. I took off my bikini getting completely naked and spoke so that he could hear me “hey, gives a quick visit here.” I went to her and before their astonishment reflected in his eyes scared, I took him by the hand and took him to the last bathroom stall where I went with him.

I took off his clothes, hugged him and realized that he had recovered control. It was a beautiful cock hard and hugged me tight. I opened the shower, which dropped a good warm water and started to hit him a hand job, hugging him as he kissed me. Then I started to suck that big, thick and hard fucking.

 He started to put in my mouth, shoving and pulling the stick as if to stick to my throat. I almost choked but it was so good I wanted to be swallowing that dick deeper. When I realized I was about to come, I removed the mouth and squeezing his cock with a firm hand, turn me getting four.

I made him stick my ass in my pussy, which, in addition to being soaked in the hot water of the shower, was all wet inside, lubricated by the excitement I felt.

I felt when the stick entered tasty and started fidgeting as he pounded that dick inside and out with force. I do not even know how many times I came with that dick inside my pussy.

 I think at some point we enjoyed together because there was an hour when I heard him moaning loudly and I felt the heat of his fucking spout and running inside of me. I put the bikini and went back to the pool again, alone, as if nothing had happened to me. From there, I watched as he left and went to the bar.

 I quickly out of the water, put shorts and a shirt and went to the parking lot, I got into my car and drove away. No longer needed him. I had solved the problem of my schism on a beautiful sunny day.

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