Arriving at the clinic where she worked that morning, I was informed that the doctor, whom I watched in minor surgery, could not give his duty because he was performing a risky surgery in a hospital where she also attended. Thus, left recommendations in the sense that I would meet the cases that depend nursing only as dressing changes, removal of stitches, for example.

That was the case, according consisted of the relationship of patients with schedules scheduled for that day, a patient should be waiting at reception: withdrawal points of minor surgery done last week.

I went to the office door and took a look at the patients who were sitting at the front desk. Identified immediately, the patient in question. I had seen him be operated by the doctor a few days ago. Prepared in fact, tools for surgery. It was a sebaceous cyst well developed in the scrotal area. A popular stone in the bag.

In fact, these cysts can be located anywhere on the body and tend to be firm and easy to move inside the skin. Generally they are not painful.

 They usually have a yellowish or flesh colored. When squeezed, is the drainage of a fatty material, like a blackhead skin. Sebaceous cysts can become infected and become painful. In the case of this patient, the doctor had made a small incision, the cyst removed and sutured the place with three points. Which I should retire now. Simple thing not require anesthesia.

I went back to the office, and on the intercom, told the receptionist to send the first patient in. When he arrived I received him at the door, locked it and told him to lie down on the examination table.

I gave her a smile and asked how she was, apologized for the delay in attendance and the absence of the doctor, I introduced myself saying that my name was Sandra, who was an assistant nurse and would make the points withdrawn. As he lay down, I put the gloves on my hands.

I went to where he was lying and asked him if it was okay if he had had any problems with surgery, had felt pain or had needed to take the painkiller prescribed by the doctor. As he spoke, he was removing each of the three points with a quick jerk.

Smiling I told him that some patients of whom also had removed the points, similar surgeries, they said they were afraid of being powerless. I asked him if he had had this fear and he lamely said yes.

So I asked if he had sex while he was with the points and he said no. It was only then that he realized I was stroking his cock and had already taken all the points. I had put a hard-on and was hitting him a hand job slowly and measured, and hot.

When he has no more realized what was happening, I straightened me about his cock, put it in my mouth and began to suck, slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace, in a very pleasant way. Massaged his bag, where he had taken the points and sucked, sucked, sucked his cock until he came, biting his lip not to moan in pleasure.

Calmly, I grabbed a paper towel, wiped his cock carefully, pulled it me by the hand making him stand up and buttoned his pants. Then I took him to the door, which opened in the most natural of the world, saying, “See how the surgery was good? Not hurt at all !. You are one hundred percent. “

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