It was my father, Moses, who combined with his Paul and Dona Joana one place where I could go to live while he was attending college. We lived on our farm, distant three leagues from the city, but actually I only lived there with my parents while attending elementary school. The high school I had done at a private school in another close to our city, a boarding school.

It was during this time that I was in high school that I enjoyed my student life the most. I took some advantages over the other boarding school girls and knew how to take advantage of them. First, I’ve always been very pretty. And I’m not trying to say I’m pretty. I’ve always been. And with a body that draws attention to where I pass. Of course at the boarding school there were some pretty girls, too. Even more beautiful than me.

 But they had no child womb I had. Oh, it may be that someone is not understanding why I think this was an advantage. It is that since the gynecologist made this revelation to me and my mother, in one of my appointments after having menstruated with a delay hell, I began to feel privileged from a biological point of view.

According to Dr. Carlos I would have great difficulties to get pregnant and, in order to get it, I would have to make a treatment in the future. I was then seventeen. And since I could not get pregnant, I began to take advantage of the situation. While my boarding schoolmates were in disarray, I got sick.

The greatest difficulty was losing my gourd. I let fuck me for the first time by a boyfriend at a time of very hard and until paid off. But the dating ended when I realized that he was not the guy I wanted to marry. And shit, after he had eaten me, spoke only in marriage. I went there wanting to marry seventeen and a children’s uterus that allowed me to fuck a lot without getting pregnant? Until risk existed, yes. But the Doctor Carlos made it clear that it was very difficult. So I preferred to risk. After all, there were so many guys willing to fuck me. And so I took all my high school.

That day, when I arrived at the home of Paul and His Dona Joana I knew that they considered my father like son, reason to be very happy with my arrival. I was like them and granddaughter Dona Joana made that clear to see me. He told me nice things about my father and promised that everyone would do everything to make me feel truly at my house.

That’s when she told me about her grandson Julius, who also lived there to study and was having a birthday that day. Sixteen years. So many were the praises Dona Joana gave to Julius that I was really curious and interested to meet him. Maybe he would not be a good friend for all hours? Of course I would ask him to take me with him through the city, since I should know everything and all the interesting places.

I was talking to Dona Joana when Julius arrived. Before I submit I have called him by name and asked if I could give her a hug of congratulations on his birthday.

 As I hugged him, I made my body look good in his and I rubbed the little tits in it. She was wearing no bra, which she had already taken with the intention of catching the boy’s attention. I could tell he was all excited about my little tits. Without modesty, was a party to most men praised my body.

 I took the occasion to ask if he did not care to accompany me on my first exit the city, which, though small, was totally unknown to me. He told me he had no problem, it would be a pleasure for him and he would keep to his room school stuff, change clothes and we could go after lunch. When he returned, I already found sitting at the table with her grandparents, having lunch. He joined us and so we finished, we left.

I made him take me to a pharmacy, a grocery store and a stationery. All the time with me, took me to the Julius tell who were his friends and was the showing me so that we could see. I realized that he did not like me to talk about your friends but I wanted to learn to know the ground on which, of course, would step. Living in the house of his grandparents, it was clear that his friends would be interested in me. Thus, it would be good that I already had a record of each, given by him. Even for this, I had to endure the ugly face that he was doing as I was asking. The boy is jealous, I thought. So, you are already interested in me.

The big question that made me break my head was to Julius, who was turning sixteen, already fucked like a grown or was a child, as any I had ever known, his age. I was already twenty years old, was bigger and owner of my nose. And I wanted Julius wanted me. Living in the house table, would join the hunger with the desire to eat, as they said the oldest. And I was hungry to eat Julius.

I should be willing to eat me. Well, I thought, let’s try. It does not cost me anything to try. If necessary, I will be the first woman he will eat. But I will give him, ah, that I will. And I will start today,

On the way back, I had Julio walked in my room to leave my bed the packages I bought and it was loaded. As she put the packages on the bed, he said that that room I was using was known as dark room because the only window that was closed was with a cupboard leading to a balcony.

He also said that the only possible light was that of a single lamp, which was hanging over the bed. He asked if I was not afraid of staying in a totally dark room and I told him no, that even thought better because he liked to sleep naked. And that in a dark room I’d be sure that no one could see me sleeping, naked.

As it was already late and the hall where gave the door was with the lights, the part of the room where we were darkened quickly. I giggled and dirty and asked him if he was seeing me and told him I was looking like a ghost, only a shadow moving in the dark.

 He told me he did not see me right. And suddenly he reached out touching me on the shoulder. I took her hand, took her to his mouth and kissed her. Then I passed my face in a caring and went down to my boobs, telling him that if it was before anyone could see us. I hope you at night, told him before he left the room.

The rest of the normal day uneventful. I took a nice warm bath, had dinner, talked a little with Dona Joana, his Paul and went to bed. The Julius, I was told, had gone for a few laps.

Once the silence fell on the house, I felt that the door was being opened and saw the shadow of Julius I entered and drove carefully to my bed. I was lying completely naked in the dark. Or a sheet covered my body. It was like I received, I hugged him and kissed while looking with one hand, stroking his cock that was getting hard in my hand.

 I started him a hand job slowly, to be delighted and increase your horny. I kissed his body and went down to start sucking his cock. When I saw that I was on the point and I could not take it any more of will and horny, I climbed on his body, I took his hard cock as it was and the way I liked it I had him tucked in my pussy.

I managed to get it in slowly, bit by bit. Until I felt his sack pounding in my ass. So fuck him until he can not take it anymore and enjoy it. I had enjoyed it a lot of times. And with every joke I felt my pussy biting his cock. And a wave of heat rushed through my body as if I were taking a series of small shocks. Too good.

That night we put even more twice. Of all the possible ways. The boy took the job. I did not have to ask him if he had ever fucked a woman before. Apparently, it was no longer a beginner. I fucked and straight, like great people.

At dawn I did go back to your room. Before the staff of the house woke up. He did not want to go, but met me when I told him that old people sleep little and wake up too early. I turned the corner, I closed my eyes and finally gave me a calm and soothing sleep. The next day was a Saturday. I could wake up later. Anyway, I was happy, exhausted but happy.

That was a good start.

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