Alice had been my friend for many years. We had grown up almost together, seeing each other every day and attending each other’s house as freely as possible. At school, we would sit side by side and, whenever possible, do the jobs that were given by the teachers together. We were like nails and flesh.

As long as we were together, it was natural for some malicious people to imagine that we had, in addition to our friendship, some other kind of involvement.

A secret love relationship. What had never happened to my head or Alice’s head. We had never seen each other as a man and a woman. We were friends and just friends. We were, so to speak, asexual about our way of living.

We lived on a street that started at Square of the Point, the main square of the city, and ended at Seven Avenue, where the main commercial points were located, represented by the Bank of the State, the Post Office, the Collector’s Office, the Registry Office and some Shops, a tailor shop and a watch shop.

 My house was more or less halfway down the street, between the Post Office and the Office and Alice’s house a few yards later, between the State Bank and the Collector’s Office.

 Since most of the houses next to us were occupied by public or commercial offices, we were already accustomed to the silence of the street, when night fell, the commerce ceased and all were closed. And since there was almost no movement, we used to talk until late, sitting on one of the several benches arranged under the trees, in “our street,” as we were talking about.

 We never worry about security and we have never been harassed or felt threatened in any way. So it was natural for us to leave the doors of our houses ajar or just leaning while we were talking in the street.

 My friend Alice had an older sister, Carla, married to a lawyer named Joaquim. They lived in the Capital, but since Alice’s mother was not well, her sister and her brother-in-law came to see her almost every weekend. week. They always arrived on Friday night and returned on Monday morning.

During this time, Alice had grown accustomed to staying home, keeping company with her mother and sister. I always went there and we talked a little, so we did not lose the habit. Then I would go home early and stay there, watching television until sleep comes.

So it happened on that Friday night, the first week of October.

 I went to Alice’s house at eight o’clock and I stayed there, talking to her and Carla until nine. They accompanied me to the gate and Carla said goodbye to me, saying that she was very tired from the trip and crazy to go to bed and rest. Alice told me that she would also take the opportunity to sleep too early because she was not feeling very well. I joked with her that her discomfort was old-fashioned. We laughed a lot and left them.

When I was at home, I went to the kitchen, had a coffee, and went to the room where I sat in front of the television, together with my parents to watch television. Immediately I missed my wallet. Ah, I must have left Alice’s house, I thought. I got up and headed there.

 When I reached the gate, I noticed that the only light on Alice’s house was the one on the porch, indicating that everyone should already be lying down.

 I was turning to return when something caught my eye. A noise, a low noise, but that sounded like a muffled moan.

 Curious, I opened the gate and entered the alley that led to the porch. As I tried to make no noise, I soon discovered the cause of the groan. Leaning against the wall, facing me, looking at me with frightened eyes, Alice was being fucked by her brother-in-law. As I was his back, he did not see me. But she, for sure. And he did not expect me to come back or to show up there, just then.

He fucked her and she clung to him, fidgeting and moaning softly. Gazing at me with startled eyes at first, but then drawing a rascal smile, full of malice. I stood there, watching, for a little while. She then worked out the performance and the hips. And I smiled, the bastard. I turned, very slowly, and went home.

 That night, for the first time, I saw Alice as she really was: a woman. And I could not sleep uncomfortable with what I had witnessed. I could not understand. Or did not want to understand. Alice betrayed her sister to her brother-in-law. I had seen Joachim fucking Alice and she was enjoying it. How that was possible, I thought. She had never let me know anything. Sister surely could never imagine. All that moved me a lot.

 When I got to sleep, it was already dawn.

On Saturday, I have not seen Alice all day. To my despair, I saw Joaquim ten times. And every time I saw him I felt insecure, as if I feared that he had seen me and could, at any moment, want to make satisfactions with me. I had a really bad day.

At night, of course, I went to Alice’s house, talked to her, her sister and her mother, trying to appear as natural as possible. She did not seem to be embarrassed at any moment by my presence. And your sister seemed as natural as possible. I went back home and wondered what was going on down the alley there. I fucked up thinking I was fucking Alice.

On Sunday everything was repeated like on Saturday. New punch hit in honor of Alice. Who I thought about and wanted as a woman. No longer as a friend. On Monday morning, I saw Joaquim and Carla traveling back to the Capital. I have not seen Alice all day.

At nightfall, we meet on the street and sit on our bench. We stayed there, talking as if nothing had happened or changed in our lives. It was about midnight when we got up and I accompanied her to her house. We talked naturally. Upon reaching the gate, she simply took my hand, walked me down the alley with her hands and leaned against the wall, pulling me toward her. We hugged each other and she kissed me and reached for my cock and held it with a firm hand. Then he calmly opened the zipper of my trousers and pulled it off, caressing it. He bent down, put my dick in his mouth and sucked, yummy, until he could not get any harder. Then he lowered his pants, took off his panties, turned his back on me, and helped me squeeze my pussy, slowly, as he rolled over so that he would fit in. With one hand she caressed my sack under her legs while with the other squeezed my arm. And as I moaned hotly, Alice, when I dug my dick deep, pulled it out and stuffed it again. As if we had been training for a long time, we enjoyed together. Then we kissed and she went into the house without giving me a last look.

During the rest of the year, we behaved as if we were still just friends all day. We fuck madly and desperately, every night.

 In December she moved to Carla’s home in the Capital. The last night we spent together, she took me to her room and fucked and slept together until morning. I took her to the bus and we kissed in front of everyone who was there. She came in without giving me a last look.

 We never met again!


The Bar do Paulo was right in the middle of the main square of my small town, located in the center west of Minas Gerais. It was there that, while the group of friends had beer, I, who did not drink anything that had alcohol content, had juice and soda while we talked about various subjects. Pure philosophy of bar. Bar table wisdom. Talk thrown away. Gossip, lots of gossip. Of these, the most interesting, I learned through the mouth of my friend Fê, who was always very well informed. And that was part of our group because of the importance we gave him to keep us informed about everything and everyone in the city or, perhaps, the fear that we had deep inside us, to become news, one day, in his mouth, if we did not treat her very well. But before reporting them, they must know, as I know them, the Faith. So that they may believe or not believe in it. After all, gossip is the fruit of conversation only between friends. Fernanda’s parents, Fê for her friends, as she liked to say, had moved from my city to Goiânia when she was still a small child, at the age of two. The father, Seu Horácio, had been approved in a contest for the INPS and was appointed to the Capital of the State of Goiás.

The mother, Dona Carlinha, who in my city was a primary teacher, accompanied her husband as a simple housewife. But, arriving in Goiânia, a while later, she got a place as a municipal teacher. They lived in Goiás for seventeen years, until Seu Horácio got a transfer to the INPS Post in a nearby town of mine. But as the distance between the two cities, mine and the one I was going to work were only twelve kilometers away, they preferred to live in my city, where all their relatives lived. His Horacio worked there and spent the weekends and holidays at home, along with Dona Carlinha and the Faith. As he himself said: “Until he could move again. Or until he retired. ” At the age of nineteen, Faith swore with her feet together that she was about to turn seventeen, on the biggest club face. And he would close his face if anyone doubted it. But everyone liked her and no one wanted her to be bored. Especially because if she did not like somebody, alas, poor fellow. She was addicted to gossip. And the addiction to gossip and gossip in the eyes of most people proved to be much worse than the worst of any other addiction. But Fê, whenever she was going to talk about someone, apologized and began saying, “Excuse me, but although I know very little about Fulana’s life …” and soon she would release her tongue for as long as it took to exhaust the whole subject about that person. Then he would restart with another. To those who claimed to know very little about one’s life, until she was always wonderfully well informed. In general, I was informed of the hidden flirtations, who betrayed who with whom, who was fighting with the husband to the point of not talking more, but tried to keep up appearances so that there were no scandals, things like that. Gossip. Gossiping. Gossip. Lots of gossip.

Fê had in principle to speak anything that knew that everyone, of any person, friend or not, but at the same time, secretly hid the most intimate and interesting parts of his own history, So what we knew of his life was more related to the lives of her parents than to herself. And always narrated by her. But as with all people, there is always someone more intimate with whom we open ourselves and trust our secrets and sins. Then, everything is being uncovered gradually and what was once considered an eternal secret is becoming known, by some privileged at the beginning, until it became known to the general public.

I became acquainted with Fe’s true secret story through the indiscreet account of Amora, our common friend, with whom I had had a short-lived affair, but who had left us a certain attraction that made us more than friends. Amora knew all about Faith. “What happened, did you think I was a little sad today?” “Has anything happened? “It was not nothing, Amora, I’m not feeling very well today, it’s memories that make me feel bad.” _ Why do not you tell me? Maybe just talking will improve. Come on, put it out. ” “You know, Amora, I should be celebrating today the birthday of someone who was very important in my life, but who is so far away” _ “In Goiás?” “Yes, Amora, there in Goias.” “_ Boyfriend?” “No, Amora, more than a boyfriend, the only love of my life.” “Listen, Amora, I’m going to tell you some things no one’s ever known, but I’m feeling I need to talk to someone. my name is Pedro and he lives in Goiânia, if he has not changed from there. “

I had finished that first grade year and was going to attend my first day of high school classes in a private school in Goiânia. My parents did not let me go to public school because, according to them, because they could afford to pay for my studies, they preferred to leave a place for someone who did not have these conditions. So, I went there for my first day of classes. He was fourteen. He had already dated an older boy’s boyfriend for two months, when he was twelve. With him I had had some handles, let him suck my little tits that were still very small, but hard, and even took his stick and beat him a few wrists. I had also felt her hand smoothing my whole body, ending always in the middle of my legs, covering my pussy and making fun of her that made me very excited. We used to be very dirty. Everything under his guidance, always teaching me, as he told me. For two months I would meet this boyfriend twice a week and there would always be something new. But he never tried to eat me for real. Although sometimes it was almost. Especially when I took off my panties and kept rinsing the dick in my pussy. I, at those moments, felt a tremendous thirst and a craving for him to eat me. I even asked her insistently to eat me. But he always said no, that I was too young. That he was going to teach me a lot of shit but he was not going to eat me. One day he got a job inside and moved in. So, when I entered that room in junior high school, I was still a virgin, but I was already a jerk. Since I had arrived much earlier, I chose a wallet in the back of the room, from where I could see everyone and not be much of a view. That first day Pedro sat in a wallet next to mine. He did not leave my side until our graduation. We turned nail and meat.

In the beginning, as friends. Until one day he told me that he could not stand being my friend any more, that he wanted me every time he saw me, and that night, every night, he was pounding in his bedroom before bed, thinking that he was fucking me. He spoke just the same, as I am speaking, very clearly, without any shame of me. We were at school, in a corridor overlooking the courtyard and the toilets, and when he finished talking, he stood and showed me the volume of his cock stowing his pants and said to me: “Look how you leave me every day when I see you “He took my hand and started to pass on his pica that was hard and almost ripping the jeans. At that moment I felt I was going to give it to him. My pussy started throbbing, vibrating, and I felt myself getting pissed off. We went to the toilets and walked into the ladies room. We kissed, hugging each other, my body glued to his, feeling his dick stick harder and harder. I then opened his pants, pulled his **** out as he ran his hand over my ass and unbuttoning my blouse, pulling away my bra to nibble on my tits. I could not stand it any longer. He walked away, went to the door that had the key in the lock and keyed inside. He came back, made me turn his back to him, facing the wall, and as he stroked me, he ran his hand over my wet pussy. I was growing weaker and I was giving myself to his caresses without resisting. He guided my hand to his cock as he ran his hand over my ass, pulling my legs slowly, until I put a finger on my ass. When I touched him, I felt him react, closing and opening, closing and opening without me being able to control. He was poking a finger lightly, spinning as he went deeper and deeper. I felt like I’d stuck my finger in and it drove me crazy. I only remember going down to get on all fours while I asked him to eat me, to eat my ass, to fuck me all. He opened the buttocks and shoved his cock into my ass, while he told me to go fucking his butt, swinging. He ate my ass right there, at that moment. In a painful way at first. But that was getting so good as he was shoving and pulling, shoving and pulling, that in the end I just wanted him not to take the stick out of my ass, so good it was. In the end, he was stuffing the little dick into my ass, so deep that I could feel his sack pounding on my ass when he stuffed it all. I only know, Amora, that it was very good to give Pedro’s cua for the first time. From that day forward, we were no longer just friends. Until we graduated, we fucked often. I could not even tell. “But this guy from Pedro just ate his ass, did he?”

For a long time I did not let him in my pussy. Just in my ass. When he wanted to, I said no, I wanted to marry a virgin. That my ass was always his and no one else’s. But the pussy would not even get married. Idea placed in my head by my mother. After we finished high school, Peter and I engaged in a more serious relationship and ended up engaged. We got the wedding. And we’re still fucking more comfortable now that we’re getting married. So one fine day we received an invitation to spend the weekend at a friend’s site of a friend of ours, a few kilometers away from Goiania. We went on a Friday afternoon to return on Monday morning. There we met two more couples: the owners and our common friend, with his wife. We left the part of the food on account of the men, who planned to prepare a barbecue and we arranged to enjoy only the walk, without any home obligation. Since I was the only single, I was a little separated from the others who, because they were married, had more in common to talk. Still on the afternoon of the day we arrived, I decided to enjoy the beautiful view that could be seen from the edge of an artificial lake located some fifty meters from the house where we were. There, sitting on a wooden stool made on a tree trunk, I stared at the landscape. I was so distracted, Amora, that I only realized that I was no longer alone, when I heard a scratch of throat beside me. When I turned around, a man appeared to be in his early forties, handsome and smiling.

“I scared you, I did not mean to, I was so caught up in the landscape that I did not even notice when I arrived, I’m Quincas, a friend of Aparicio, owner of the site.” He held out his hand and when I picked it up, “Oh, Amora, it was as if I had taken a 220-volt shock.” He looked me straight in the eye and told me without letting go of my hand. new, but you’re beautiful, very beautiful, it must be Pedro’s girlfriend, he’s very lucky. The only thing I could say was a “Thank you” that came out scratched from my throat. Really, Amora, I had never felt that way. I wanted him. I wanted him inside me, anyway. I thought I was going crazy when I said, “You’re beautiful too. I do not know why I said that, but I did. When I found myself, he had washed me up in a kind of orchard, where there were some old mangoes that looked so old they were so big. Without a word, he hugged me, covered my mouth with his lips in a warm wet kiss, put his tongue in my mouth until he almost choked me and pressed me against the trunk of the tree. When I came to understand what was happening, I was holding in my hand a large, thick, hot spike that pulsed between my fingers, throbbing. He gently pushed me down, making me crouch down as I stuffed that beauty of cock in my mouth into my throat. I suckled that cock every time with more will. I would take it and lick it, I nibbled it lightly while it was tucked in and I would get that hot tooth in my mouth like I was fucking it. Without saying anything, as I shook from head to toe, she took off my panties and made me stay on all fours. I was sure he was going to fuck me and I wanted to say that I could not, that I was a virgin, that I had promised that the first time in my pussy would be Pedro’s, but I could not speak a word. I just started moaning when I felt he was stuffing that cock into me, carefully, as I moaned and clung to him. I felt it when it tore at me at once, and I did not care about the pain it caused. After shoving, he pushed and pulled the stick inside me. On four, as it put me, I was without any contrary reaction. He fucked me for many minutes until I heard him moan loudly, squeeze me hard, give a thrust that almost knocked me to the floor and wince as hot liquid trickled inside me and down my legs. I do not know, Amora, if I did. What I can say is that I really liked that guy fucking me the pussy I kept, so lovingly, for Pedro. I can say that my first fuck in the pussy could have been divine.  “Uai, Fê, if it was as you told it, it was divine.”

It would have been really, Amora, it would have been if when Quincas had taken his cock out of me and got up I had not come face to face with Pedro, standing about ten meters from us, staring wide-eyed at us, white as a deceased
When I recovered from the shock of that sight, he had already moved away toward the house where our other friends were. I ran, still with his sneaky legs, to meet him but when I got there, he was already accelerating the car and returning to Goiânia. No one understood his back nor my crying. We never met again.
Today, it’s his birthday.
“But what about Quincas?”
Quincas, Amora, stayed there all weekend, comforting me with his pica while his wife just wanted to know how to stroke the pool.


Here in the interior, in small cities like this where I was born and I live, we give much importance to things that do not mean much in the big cities. For us who live in the country, a smell of green bush, of colony grass, of wet land when it rains, and even of trees we have watched grow, from the seed that we carelessly drop on the ground until it becomes adult, when it bears fruit. It was so with the great hose placed on the edge of the Road of the Cupim, leafy, sovereign, wonderful. Huge. Very big indeed.

I still have a special affection for the great hose of the Cupim Road. Oh, he had!

I remember it was the end of February, and from the number of blooming trees on every side you looked at, you could predict that autumn was coming that year with a promise of fruit in abundance. Especially, mangos, which in our region was the fruit we saw the most. Mainly sword, pink, ubá, coquinha , ox heart and pacifier, among many others. Delicious.

That night I would pass the heat was horrible and I would return home when, as I passed by the square, I noticed something different on the sidewalk of the house of Seu Sebastião and Dona Jovelina . There were more people sitting on the bench where usually they just sat. Curious, I approached and ran into Carlos, whom I had not seen in a long time since the death of his grandfather. Seeing him recognize me, I just waved, smiled, and continued walking toward my house. But inside me, my heart jumped, shot, and I had to take a deep breath to control myself. During the rest of the way, it was impossible to imagine myself going back to the past, with Carlos and the big hose of the Cupim Road.

There, from the side of the road where we were, we could hear the water running down the stream on the other side of the fence, just below the tree. It was so large that the hose seemed to hide with its trunk that stream of clear water that only appeared to our eyes as we climbed the ravine at the side of the road to pass the barbed wire fence. For this to be possible, it was necessary for one of us to grasp one of the wire strands and lift it up to make a belly, leaving enough space for the passage to the other side. It was commonplace, every now and then, for someone to bump and scratch the body in the barbs of the wire.

That afternoon, Carlos and I made a quiet crossing , without any accident, and headed to the stream. We sat on its bank and spent some time enjoying the beautiful landscape that opened in front of us. On the other side, on the other side, there was a clearing that could not be seen from the road because of the ravine. There, one could see a great variety of trees with their curved branches so loaded with fruit that they almost touched the ground. From where we were, we saw a wonderful orchard. Callos, seeing me so amazed by that sight, promised me that one day we would go, both of us, until then.

. From where we were we could hear the cars passing on the road up there, see the dust they raised, but we could not see them because the hose prevented our sight. We could not be seen either. After a while, we climbed and circled the hose surprises with its size.

Then, without saying anything, Carlos took a pocketknife out of his pocket, which I did not even know she carried with her, and, choosing a more hidden part of the trunk, wrote “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking on their sleeve .” It was certainly the first sentence written on that log. No one had done this before, a sign that there were not many people there. Then she picked up a bamboo that we found against the hose and used it to knock down some of the sleeves that we started to suck right there at the time.

We were delighting in the very mature mangoes when, seeing Carlos biting a yellow mango with all his heart, I suddenly asked him: ” Have you ever kissed someone with a mango mouth?”   He was a little scared, and he said no and at the same time he went to where I was, put his arms around my shoulders and we kissed. A long kiss with delicious mango flavor. Excited, we went to the creek and dipped our hands in the crystal clear water, washing them quickly. We returned, leaned against the trunk of the hose, and resumed the interrupted kiss. As he kissed me, Carlos was squeezing my butt with one of my hands while with the other I was holding my little tits and I felt his cock getting hard, harder and harder. At the feel of that stiffening cock I was opening my legs and sliding them between them, rubbing against it as he pulled me, squeezing me against his body as if he wanted me to crush him on the tree trunk. Without stopping kissing me, he opened my blouse and, with my help, took my tits off and sucked, squeezing that pink, hard pinch on his lips, making me moan softly as he pressed his head between his hands and threw the body forward pressing the stick against my body making me tremble in his arms.

Placing my hands on my chest, he pulled my body a little away from his and, without stopping kissing me, he unzipped his pants, slipped his hand in, picked up his dick, and took it out with slow, slow movements. I crouched down, picked up his dick, and kissed him before putting it in his mouth and swallowing it slowly, starting a pacifier, pulling his cock from his mouth and licking from his head to the sack and back until he swallowed again and again and again. All the while I stabbed him every time I pulled him out of my mouth.

We were feeling so safe and so comfortable that we took off all the clothes we wore and laid them out on the ground, on the grass, we lay on top of each other, inverted bodies, and sucked in a perfect 69. With his stick my mouth, I moan quietly clinging to his body as his mouth squeezed against my pussy , biting his lips lightly , fleshy lips, my tongue sticking into it like a snake twisting in, and his tongue coming in and coming out quickly, in a delicious way. With the pleasure of a stick tucked into my mouth and unable to let go of my moans, I made muffled, disconnected sounds. Placing his hands on his chest, I lifted my body, straightened and sat on his **** I made him all the way into my pussy , bit by bit as he held my little tits in his hands tightening his little fingers between his fingers. I wobbled crazily lifting and lowering her butt on his cock and making him come in and out in a mind-boggling rhythm I cummed with a hoarse groan as he, accompanying my enjoyment filled my pussy with his **** until she ran all over for his **** .

After clothe our clothes, I padi him to pass me the knife, went to the hose and, at the same place where he had written “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking sleeve,” I wrote, with trembling letters “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking. “

When I got home I had my pussy all wet, I had not even known how many times along the way, letting out muffled moans as it sweated and contorted with pleasure.

When I fell asleep the moon had already advanced a good chunk of the sky and I had, on the lips, a happy smile and in the mouth the memory of the taste of mouth kiss smeared with mango.


 I left home to see the world still very young, in the hope of being able to do what I would not be able to stay in my small town: to study and become someone important. By the time he was twenty-eight, he could already see how he achieved both. He was a Lawyer and held a position of relative importance as a Parliamentary Advisor in the Capital.  The Deputy whom I was advising had served his third term and had confided to me that I would no longer be in the running for re-election to the Legislative Assembly. He wanted to fly higher and compete for the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasilia, as Federal Deputy. He was sure that he would be elected. He informed me that he would send me a candidate in his place for State Representative. And that he had already made this communication to the Party and its electoral bases. It made me agree with the idea and I agreed. The election campaign was fierce, forcing me to deploy to meet all party demands, moving to all regions of the state, not being able to afford to run my campaign in just a few regions. After all, although the deputy who had launched me was well known, I was not. He was only someone with no political past and no name of importance in the state scene. So I set out on the field and traveled miles and miles of roads, good and bad, to introduce myself to my possible desires. I also spent tens of hours inside aircraft flying from here to there, from there to here. By the end of the campaign I could not stand it anymore and I was physically exhausted. But elected. It was only a few days after being elected that I received my mother’s statement saying that my father had suffered a sudden illness and had not resisted, having passed away. Shaken by the news, I took advantage of the offer of a ride made by a businessman friend and flew on his plane to my city for my father’s funeral. Arriving there early in the morning, I was received at the airfield (as they called it the airport) by my mother and my sister. Although younger, my sister was already married, but she had no children. As we drove to my parents’ house, in the living room of which my father’s body was being veiled, I could feel the awakening of attention. Now it was still early, the house was full of friends and curious people who had come there to know that I would arrive, in order to see me. After all, I had left there, still young and unknown to most of my fellow countrymen, and was now, after a while, elected State Representative waiting to take office in January. As my father and I did not see each other very often, although we talked on the phone almost every week, his death made me very depressed, and this dejection, aggravated by fatigue and the exhausting effort of the recent campaign, was enough for a lack of control emotionally overwhelmed me. I burst into convulsive, inconsolable weeping. My mother, frightened, perhaps because I did not expect such a reaction from her “son-in-law”, as she had been referring to me since my arrival, she called my sister in a corner and said, “Take my poor son from the middle of this crowd. take him to his house to see if he rests a little. ” My parents’ house, facing a small square, had a huge yard that ended in a fence separating it from the backyard of my sister’s house, which was on Rua dos Fundos, as we knew it. So we did not have to go through the square and the street to go from house to house. That’s where my sister took me to her house, recommending me take a bath to relax and try to rest and sleep to bear the weight of the rest of the day and that night that would be very long, she said. Our father would be buried at four o’clock the next day. Left alone, I took a hot shower, went to the single room and lay down, ready to sleep. When I was almost asleep, I heard a door slamming open and then someone’s footsteps walking through the house. I got out of bed and, opening the bedroom door, I saw the wonderful sight of the woman who stood in front of me, frightened. “Oh, sorry, Deputy. I did not know you were here. I missed you there in the house above, “she told me, referring, of course, to my parents’ house. I told her then that she did not have to apologize, that I was just resting a little and asked her who she was, because I did not remember seeing her before. She told me it was Altiva, my sister’s sister-in-law. That I had come down the backyards to go to my parents’ house. He said he did not like walking down the street and the little square when he went there. He preferred to go through the yards. I told him that I could be comfortable, that I would stay there until later, and I asked him to talk to my mother and my sister that I was well, that they did not have to worry. I would go to sleep and not have to worry that I would meet them later. She gave me a charming smile and headed to the yards, leaving behind a scent that insisted on not evaporating and I, watching with the eyes of the balance of her ass, walking among the trees in the yards. When I woke up, the night had already arrived and I was feeling much better disposed. I passed the yards and went upstairs as Altiva had referred to my parents’ house. When I remembered her, I wished she were still there. Oh, how good it would be to fuck this Altiva, I said to myself. I stood beside my father’s coffin and stood there to stand beside him as long as my eyes held open. So I saw my mother retire to her room with my sister, while Altiva, my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law and my brother-in-law, Armando, approached and stood beside me and beside my father’s coffin. Shortly after, Armando patted my shoulder, got up and retired. We and Altiva were accompanied by some people who would surely spend the night there, next to my father, paying him his last respects. Just before midnight, my sister, Armando and my mother came into the room and came to us, recommending we rest a little. Altiva got up, said something in my sister’s ear, and nodded, agreeing to say “go with her.” I followed Altiva and saw that she had stopped, sitting on the step of the stairs leading to the yards. There, he motioned for me to sit down. For a few minutes we did not speak, we just sat there, silent, sitting side by side. Then, without saying a word, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and she leaned against me. I turned her around and we looked straight ahead. Eyes in the eyes, we kissed. Slightly at first, we increased the intensity of the kiss until our mouths were crushed into a wild sucking of lips and tongues. I felt her trembling in my arms as my whole body reacted as if an electric spark had involved me like lightning. My cock was so hard that I wanted to put it there now, without waiting for anything else. “I want to fuck you now. I can not take it anymore without fucking you. ” She pulled her body away and stood up and pulled me into a dark corner by the side of the house, where my mother had a kind of inner garden. There, we hugged and she pulled out my dick, bent down and began to suck deliciously, thrusting into her mouth, sucking her mouth and licking, repeating this operation over and over again. He did not let me enjoy it. Taking off her panties, she whispered in my ear. “You want to fuck me up, fuck you hot. But I’ll want more in the house downstairs. ” I put her on the four of them in the dark corner and she leaned against the wall as I shoved my **** into her pussy until nothing was left out. She jerked her butt up and down as I tucked in and pulled out the stick, shoved it in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper. When I was going to cum, I took the stick out and she stuffed it in her mouth, hot and wet, making me fill that pretty little mouth with fucking. Then, hugging each other, we went down the backyards to fuck her a lot more that night at my sister’s house. I knew that first night of my mourning was going to be fucking.


Arriving at the clinic where she worked that morning, I was informed that the doctor, whom I watched in minor surgery, could not give his duty because he was performing a risky surgery in a hospital where she also attended. Thus, left recommendations in the sense that I would meet the cases that depend nursing only as dressing changes, removal of stitches, for example.

That was the case, according consisted of the relationship of patients with schedules scheduled for that day, a patient should be waiting at reception: withdrawal points of minor surgery done last week.

I went to the office door and took a look at the patients who were sitting at the front desk. Identified immediately, the patient in question. I had seen him be operated by the doctor a few days ago. Prepared in fact, tools for surgery. It was a sebaceous cyst well developed in the scrotal area. A popular stone in the bag.

In fact, these cysts can be located anywhere on the body and tend to be firm and easy to move inside the skin. Generally they are not painful.

 They usually have a yellowish or flesh colored. When squeezed, is the drainage of a fatty material, like a blackhead skin. Sebaceous cysts can become infected and become painful. In the case of this patient, the doctor had made a small incision, the cyst removed and sutured the place with three points. Which I should retire now. Simple thing not require anesthesia.

I went back to the office, and on the intercom, told the receptionist to send the first patient in. When he arrived I received him at the door, locked it and told him to lie down on the examination table.

I gave her a smile and asked how she was, apologized for the delay in attendance and the absence of the doctor, I introduced myself saying that my name was Sandra, who was an assistant nurse and would make the points withdrawn. As he lay down, I put the gloves on my hands.

I went to where he was lying and asked him if it was okay if he had had any problems with surgery, had felt pain or had needed to take the painkiller prescribed by the doctor. As he spoke, he was removing each of the three points with a quick jerk.

Smiling I told him that some patients of whom also had removed the points, similar surgeries, they said they were afraid of being powerless. I asked him if he had had this fear and he lamely said yes.

So I asked if he had sex while he was with the points and he said no. It was only then that he realized I was stroking his cock and had already taken all the points. I had put a hard-on and was hitting him a hand job slowly and measured, and hot.

When he has no more realized what was happening, I straightened me about his cock, put it in my mouth and began to suck, slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace, in a very pleasant way. Massaged his bag, where he had taken the points and sucked, sucked, sucked his cock until he came, biting his lip not to moan in pleasure.

Calmly, I grabbed a paper towel, wiped his cock carefully, pulled it me by the hand making him stand up and buttoned his pants. Then I took him to the door, which opened in the most natural of the world, saying, “See how the surgery was good? Not hurt at all !. You are one hundred percent. “



I had started my night shift at six hours. He had a quiet call, so I observed in Reports Doctors had found in the nursing room. All my patients last call were waiting for me and only a novice patient had been received in the early afternoon. Suspected heart attack but the medical description, should only be kept in strictest observation. Any possible risk of a heart attack. high for the next day is forecast to pass well that night. It was my first patient.

Upon entering the room I found him sleeping undisturbed sleep. I did not think he was sick. Corado. Good-looking. He appeared to be about forty, no more than that. Too young for heart problems, I thought.

Woke up to the light touch of my hand on his arm. I smiled to reassure him and apologized for having agreed, telling him he would check his temperature, measure its pressure and give you a medicine. I put the thermometer in your armpit, I counted one minute, removed it, I read its temperature and noted in your medical records. Then measure your blood pressure, also noting the result. Finally, I gave him a pill that had been prescribed by the doctor who was accompanying.

While doing the checks and notes he was watching me and at one point he asked me if I was starting my duty. I told him that yes, it was my first patient and asked him how guessed. He told me that I was still yummy smell of freshly washed body, which was not yet in hospital smell, remedies or patients.

I, smiling, said “liked the perfume”, he said yes and I smiled to him saying “it looks like it is on care of the heart” smiling again. He told me that the doctor had assured him that the heart was fine. So I told him that “there are things that make the heart respond much more quickly than drugs.”

Then I removed the thermometer, said that the weather was great, the pressure was also good, 12 by 8, child, made a fondness in his arm and headed for the door, leaving the apartment.

As I walked down the aisle to meet my other patient, something began to happen to me. I realized, suddenly, that the patient bastard had started that conversation with sole intention to provoke me. Surely I had found me hot. It gave me a huge desire to return there to continue the conversation and see what was going.

 The naughty, have even cardiological observation, it did not seem to be afraid to start a conversation that could lead you to have a sexual arousal. It bothered me and made me more attracted to him. Oh, I wanted to somehow see how far would the situation.

I finished all the medical procedures with my other patient and returned to the first one. I found him squeezing, again. I stood there for a while watching him. I had already decided what to do. I locked the door inside and approached his bed. I cleared my throat, very lightly, making a low noise but enough to wake him.

He opened his eyes and I was there, watching. I told her a “hello again. It’s time to wake up. I’ll give you a bath to sleep tonight tasty. ” He said, and reached out to help her up. I helped him get off the bed carefully. I passed my arm around his shoulders and took him to the bathroom, taking off his clothes.

 He wore hospital pajamas, very light and easy to take off. Soon he was naked. I opened the shower register and the water flowed and, regulating now and then, I left it well tempered, more warm, because it was already the beginning of the night and the weather began to cool. Then I held him and let the jet of water flow over him. I picked up the soap and began to lather it, very slowly.

 I turned it back. When I turned again, facing, I was completely naked. I hugged him and took his cock starting to make caresses it, as she kissed him on the mouth. The water fall on us warm. I could feel his heart pounding. His cock hardened even more.

 I hugged him harder. I crouched down and sucked his cock for a long time. I turned on my back, put his cock between my legs and asked him “stick now, I want you all inside me.” And we went with a lot of will until we fully enjoyed it. I asked him how he was and when he told me he was scared, but well, I smiled at him, beginning to wipe his body.

I took him to his bed, made him lie down, gave him a long kiss and left.

When the night was already very high and everyone was asleep I went back to his apartment, I lay down next to him, hugged him and woke him up saying “eat my ass.” When he finished eating my ass I told him I could rest assured that he had done very well in that his last cardiological evaluation.


I was strolling through facebook, as I always do every night before going to sleep, when my eyes came across the name of an acquaintance I had not seen for many years as being online. Instinctively, I clicked on his name

And I greeted, asking how he was. Inwardly, I thought he would not answer me, considering the time not seen each other and the fact that it was possible that not even remember me anymore just by name. But what was my surprise when, a few minutes after he posted the message, received his answer.

Even though talking to some friends, I was typing away with it for a long time, remembering the past, when frequented together the same college.

We adjusted the age. At that time we should have been in their early twenties and we were writing. I remember that he was short of classes but always late, almost always at the end of the first hour. He always complained that he was leaving the service late.

I worked in a bookshop. It was he who resorted, almost all of the room when we needed to consult any literary work in particular or any author, by appointment of teachers. For this reason I and my group of colleagues we held his bar, passing it the material given by the first time teachers or allowing him to do the work of our group.

 His presence in our group was always very well-sales because it, and very intelligent, had a very great ease to speak, which strengthened our presentations of the work. Not to mention that, working in a bookstore, I was in charge of getting the books to our research.

During the four years we were classmates, I never felt any physical attraction for him, but found him a handsome guy.

After college each of us went his way and not heard from him. Until that first contact that night on facebook.

The next day I worked normally as usual during the week. At night, at home, after having had dinner and seen on television, the chapter of the novel that was following, went to the computer and spent time checking my email.

Then I made the connection with facebook and saw that my friend was already online. So I just got a message connect your. I asked how I was and told me he had dreamed me last night. The night we had talked.

I wanted to tease him and asked him if the dream had been good. He replied that yes, he had been very good, but it had been frustrating. Quite naturally I asked him, then, to tell me how he had been dreaming. He mischievously, told me he could not tell, saying that if she told me, I’d fight him. I told him then, “I bet you dreamed that we were having sex.”

Then he told me the dream. In it, my body writhed as if to get away from your body more like an unimaginable belly dancing. Up, down, to the side, to the other side, up again, down in an endless coming and going. He penetrated me deeply and I gave off soft moans were increasing tone while asking – more, more, more, now, now, yummy, yummy – and when he was going to explode in joy … woke her heart pounding and fast. And he slept no more the rest of the night, wondering how it would be good to be with me, in a real way.

As he spoke, his voice rising to a more intimate tone and he told me just to be telling me the dream was already getting a big boner that was increasing even more.

 When I asked – a hard-on? – And he said yes, I said – oh, I want to see now, turn on the camera. He asked me – now? I told him yes. He turned on the camera.

I was wearing a black sweater, embroidered at the ends, with a neckline that showed off my breasts. Short, covering only half of my thighs. Transparent, let see my panties.

I asked – and there is liking what you see? he said yes and I then started a smooth dance, swaying her hips slightly, as she taking her nightgown, leaving only underwear. I saw him looking at me, rapt and horny. I told you – why do not you show me how it is for me to see if you’re horny even want to see you hard cock. He was undressing, getting naked. I started to touch me as I watched jerking off and just the two, enjoying together, although only seeing us. After coming, we turn off the computer and went, the two sleep. Each in his house. Each in his bed. Both satisfied and happy.

We had the two fallen on the Net.


I was already in the direction of that school for a year. He had been hired after answering an ad that had been placed on the College Bulletin Board where he taught. In it, they offered the direction of a school of first and second degree in a country town. The salary was attractive and I possessed the qualifications that were required for the position of the exercise.

 But what attracted me, it was a chance to return to the interior with all its peace and its tranquility. It was because, tired of the daily violence of big cities. Reinforced the attraction the fact that I was born in a town in, he had left to study in Curitiba, remaining there even after I graduated in Pedagogy, made master’s and doctorate in Education. Even with so many titles, he was only thirty-five years. I considered myself still a young woman. In addition to beautiful, like telling me friends.

Early on, I was accustomed to live my life without caring about what others think of her. So, I lost my virginity when I thought it was time to lose, at seventeen. From then on, I made my personal life a mystery to all who lived with me. There was married me before. My cases existed, of course, but they were all very well-hidden. So well hidden that the closest friends thought I did not like men, who was dyke or other things in that direction. In fact, I liked very, very much giving and on these occasions, I always found a way to find someone interesting to roll a hot fuck.

As might be expected, was being seen in my friendship groups and working as cold, uninterested in sex romp and asexual. Naturally, I became, in college, a competent teacher but seen as executioner. They said, my students, I did not give a cinch, too charged and did not care of the reprobate at the end of my courses. “He soft with her, talking, okay screwed!” This was also one of the reasons for wanting to accept the proposal from inside the school. In need to take a break from my work in college. There was, as I thought, reached the maximum there.

I not take me long to discover the direction that I would not be easy to fold. I became known as executioner. Especially among students of Philosophy, discipline taught in high school. And I did nothing to improve the image that made me.

 It charged the students with the delivery of the papers in the deadlines not receiving them late, took easy points for misspellings, worked on the preparation of tests to make them difficult and filled them with research papers.

At the end of the first year, I was already completely mistress of the situation and respected by all. One detail bothered me: my sex life. Or, as I played with myself, to think about the situation bothered me my lack of sex life. I had to get out of the city by car, driving myself, which I did not like to do, or by bus, to Curitiba, where all my acquaintances were in bed.

In the first year I had not given to anyone in the city, although it had already identified, the covetous glances, some interested in me eat, just that I wanted to have a little more time because he had, as intended, dating with someone worth the worth investing, maybe even get engaged and married. I had already decided that would only give to one who could be considered as “the elect.” But things do not always happen as planned.

That night, when I entered the room for philosophy classes in the third year, I soon realized to cross the door that there was something different in the air. There was a buzz and I could hear some words spoken by a voice I had never heard before. When I ran my eyes across the room, all fell silent. Not all. Deep down, I could see an unfamiliar face in most chat with one of the students. As soon as she saw me, he turned to the front, where I was shutting up. The student was a rookie and, of course, had not yet been informed by colleagues about what I thought of beginners. Especially those who are transferred from one school to another with the school year in progress. I left already understand what he saw in each transfer student, a threat to discipline. If you had been transferred was because they were appointed in the school of origin and would ready again in the new school.

I went to the back of the room and stared at him, saying, “So you are new, he said. Are you seeing that not even know me. Because I knew that would have shut his mouth when I entered the room. I do not like rude people. At the end of my classes, go to my room to have a conversation. “

At the end of my classes, I made a nod to the novice and went to my room and followed him. We walked in and pointed out the couch where he should sit. I pulled a chair, put it in front of him and sat down. I just went there to repair it. Tall, dark sun burned, about eighteen, he looked at me with a look which did not appear to be afraid of the situation.

On the contrary, it seemed to me that he was looking at my legs with great interest. That was when I was hit with a horn that I had not felt for a long time and a crazy urge to tease him and make him eat me. Ah, I really wanted that student to eat me.

Looking at him steadily, slowly crossed my legs, causing the blazer he wore rise and leave to show my legs. I was sure that, cross your legs, I had shown him my panties. Now he did not even know where to look. That’s when I said “Hey, you like what you see? Or still can not repair and straight? Where do you think that is? A motel room? “He remained silent.

I walked to the door, locked it, went to the couch and sat on his lap. I kissed him on the mouth and I could feel his cock growing under my ass. He at first seemed a little scared when I opened his pants, pulled out his cock I put in my mouth and started sucking.

 Gradually it was quiet and I could hear their moans very softly as I moved the body forward backwards, as if fucking my mouth. I was trying to keep track of the thrusts and we were like that for a long time. He thrusting and pulling the stick out of my mouth. I suck that dick with the greatest will. Tasty. Very tasty.


It was my father, Moses, who combined with his Paul and Dona Joana one place where I could go to live while he was attending college. We lived on our farm, distant three leagues from the city, but actually I only lived there with my parents while attending elementary school. The high school I had done at a private school in another close to our city, a boarding school.

It was during this time that I was in high school that I enjoyed my student life the most. I took some advantages over the other boarding school girls and knew how to take advantage of them. First, I’ve always been very pretty. And I’m not trying to say I’m pretty. I’ve always been. And with a body that draws attention to where I pass. Of course at the boarding school there were some pretty girls, too. Even more beautiful than me.

 But they had no child womb I had. Oh, it may be that someone is not understanding why I think this was an advantage. It is that since the gynecologist made this revelation to me and my mother, in one of my appointments after having menstruated with a delay hell, I began to feel privileged from a biological point of view.

According to Dr. Carlos I would have great difficulties to get pregnant and, in order to get it, I would have to make a treatment in the future. I was then seventeen. And since I could not get pregnant, I began to take advantage of the situation. While my boarding schoolmates were in disarray, I got sick.

The greatest difficulty was losing my gourd. I let fuck me for the first time by a boyfriend at a time of very hard and until paid off. But the dating ended when I realized that he was not the guy I wanted to marry. And shit, after he had eaten me, spoke only in marriage. I went there wanting to marry seventeen and a children’s uterus that allowed me to fuck a lot without getting pregnant? Until risk existed, yes. But the Doctor Carlos made it clear that it was very difficult. So I preferred to risk. After all, there were so many guys willing to fuck me. And so I took all my high school.

That day, when I arrived at the home of Paul and His Dona Joana I knew that they considered my father like son, reason to be very happy with my arrival. I was like them and granddaughter Dona Joana made that clear to see me. He told me nice things about my father and promised that everyone would do everything to make me feel truly at my house.

That’s when she told me about her grandson Julius, who also lived there to study and was having a birthday that day. Sixteen years. So many were the praises Dona Joana gave to Julius that I was really curious and interested to meet him. Maybe he would not be a good friend for all hours? Of course I would ask him to take me with him through the city, since I should know everything and all the interesting places.

I was talking to Dona Joana when Julius arrived. Before I submit I have called him by name and asked if I could give her a hug of congratulations on his birthday.

 As I hugged him, I made my body look good in his and I rubbed the little tits in it. She was wearing no bra, which she had already taken with the intention of catching the boy’s attention. I could tell he was all excited about my little tits. Without modesty, was a party to most men praised my body.

 I took the occasion to ask if he did not care to accompany me on my first exit the city, which, though small, was totally unknown to me. He told me he had no problem, it would be a pleasure for him and he would keep to his room school stuff, change clothes and we could go after lunch. When he returned, I already found sitting at the table with her grandparents, having lunch. He joined us and so we finished, we left.

I made him take me to a pharmacy, a grocery store and a stationery. All the time with me, took me to the Julius tell who were his friends and was the showing me so that we could see. I realized that he did not like me to talk about your friends but I wanted to learn to know the ground on which, of course, would step. Living in the house of his grandparents, it was clear that his friends would be interested in me. Thus, it would be good that I already had a record of each, given by him. Even for this, I had to endure the ugly face that he was doing as I was asking. The boy is jealous, I thought. So, you are already interested in me.

The big question that made me break my head was to Julius, who was turning sixteen, already fucked like a grown or was a child, as any I had ever known, his age. I was already twenty years old, was bigger and owner of my nose. And I wanted Julius wanted me. Living in the house table, would join the hunger with the desire to eat, as they said the oldest. And I was hungry to eat Julius.

I should be willing to eat me. Well, I thought, let’s try. It does not cost me anything to try. If necessary, I will be the first woman he will eat. But I will give him, ah, that I will. And I will start today,

On the way back, I had Julio walked in my room to leave my bed the packages I bought and it was loaded. As she put the packages on the bed, he said that that room I was using was known as dark room because the only window that was closed was with a cupboard leading to a balcony.

He also said that the only possible light was that of a single lamp, which was hanging over the bed. He asked if I was not afraid of staying in a totally dark room and I told him no, that even thought better because he liked to sleep naked. And that in a dark room I’d be sure that no one could see me sleeping, naked.

As it was already late and the hall where gave the door was with the lights, the part of the room where we were darkened quickly. I giggled and dirty and asked him if he was seeing me and told him I was looking like a ghost, only a shadow moving in the dark.

 He told me he did not see me right. And suddenly he reached out touching me on the shoulder. I took her hand, took her to his mouth and kissed her. Then I passed my face in a caring and went down to my boobs, telling him that if it was before anyone could see us. I hope you at night, told him before he left the room.

The rest of the normal day uneventful. I took a nice warm bath, had dinner, talked a little with Dona Joana, his Paul and went to bed. The Julius, I was told, had gone for a few laps.

Once the silence fell on the house, I felt that the door was being opened and saw the shadow of Julius I entered and drove carefully to my bed. I was lying completely naked in the dark. Or a sheet covered my body. It was like I received, I hugged him and kissed while looking with one hand, stroking his cock that was getting hard in my hand.

 I started him a hand job slowly, to be delighted and increase your horny. I kissed his body and went down to start sucking his cock. When I saw that I was on the point and I could not take it any more of will and horny, I climbed on his body, I took his hard cock as it was and the way I liked it I had him tucked in my pussy.

I managed to get it in slowly, bit by bit. Until I felt his sack pounding in my ass. So fuck him until he can not take it anymore and enjoy it. I had enjoyed it a lot of times. And with every joke I felt my pussy biting his cock. And a wave of heat rushed through my body as if I were taking a series of small shocks. Too good.

That night we put even more twice. Of all the possible ways. The boy took the job. I did not have to ask him if he had ever fucked a woman before. Apparently, it was no longer a beginner. I fucked and straight, like great people.

At dawn I did go back to your room. Before the staff of the house woke up. He did not want to go, but met me when I told him that old people sleep little and wake up too early. I turned the corner, I closed my eyes and finally gave me a calm and soothing sleep. The next day was a Saturday. I could wake up later. Anyway, I was happy, exhausted but happy.

That was a good start.


I went through that stretch of road almost every day during the week, going from Belo Horizonte to the farm that my husband had bought, the highway margins leading to the Holy Spirit. I always drove carefully, not passing the limits indicated on the boards, to avoid accidents. When my husband went along, driving. But he almost always kept on the farm, which took care of everything. I worked in the capital.

So, I took the road to BH every morning and returned in the afternoon, as working only in the morning. I taught in a preparatory course for the entrance exam. Weekend was on the farm, just going to cram school when it was time tests. In these times, I used to work on Saturdays and Sundays, always in the morning.

Lately, whenever he passed on a given stretch of road where there is a next curve of a steep descent, those good to develop greater speed, I began to notice a police car and could see that a guard was standing behind her, wielding one radar.

I began to always slow down well before the turn, not to run the risk of exceeding the ninety kilometers allowed and be fined. The last thing he wanted was to get a fine for speeding, especially when he was so close to home.

One of the occasions when I passed by where was the car I could better see the guard. Tall, strong, with sunglasses. I do not know why or what gave me at the time, but hit me a mad desire to see it more closely. In fact, it seems that was happening to me what I had heard what happened to some women, but I never thought it was true. Or that it could happen to me.

I did, right away, give the guy. No more or less hit that will be grasped by it. Perhaps a saved fantasy inside me, I never knew you had. But I was willing to give pro guard, so I stayed. The rearview mirror saw when he gave arrow, turned and entered the restaurant to the roadside.

For two consecutive Sundays I, returning from Belo Horizonte, arranged a waste of way always at the same time that I noticed for the first time. And always saw going to the restaurant. On the third Sunday I drove there a few minutes after him. I saw him as I entered.

He gave me a look as if sizing me up. I went to the counter, ordered a juice and salt. I sat at a table and as soon as the attendant brought my request, I began to eat. Before, I looked screened for the guard. I was looking at me. I looked away and looked again. I was watching me again. I lamely, I think the insistent gaze scared me a little. I got into the car and returned to the road, taking the opposite direction one in which the guard positioned his car.

I drove for a few kilometers, the car turned and came back. From the top of the spine I realized that the car was already again in the shoulder. I started down accelerating until reaching the one hundred and twenty kilometers just started to decline when I saw that the guard made me hand signals, telling me to go to the shoulder. I had no trouble meeting your order

He came up from my side window, made a comment about me being in a hurry, driving over a hundred and twenty kilometers, which was a danger and asked me to get out and give him my driver’s license and vehicle documents. I gave him a naughty smile, I turned and went back to the car. I opened the door, put half body inside and picked up the documents in the glove box and my driver’s license in my purse. Then I entered, closed the door and went to the passenger seat, opened the door, got out and held the documents in his direction, asking to forgive me but I was too scared to stay in the side of the road and be hit by some crazy.

He walked towards me. I handed him the documents, opened the door, sat on the passenger side and closed it again. I got off the glass and let my arm hanging outside. I said something inaudible voice and he does not understand me, approached asking what I had said. I reached out and stuck it in my of your legs, no more no less. Before he had time to react, I put your dick in my hand still in his pants and started stroking. Hardened at the time. I opened his pants and took his cock out.

He leaned back in my car sticking my ass out the window. I took it and sucked with ease. As he sucked, I was hitting him a hand job until he came in my mouth. I pulled him into the back seat and stayed there, fucking. He ate my pussy and eat my ass. I no longer take any more when I took leave of him, took the road and left.

Ah, before, he picked up a small bag and fined it carefully. Then he rubbed the sheet in my pussy, kneaded it and threw it away, telling me that it was already paid.