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The peace and joy of my life will be shown to all who come to me; I will bear only good news; I will not be inopportune; I will not erase any smile on any friendly face; I will have patience even when they lose it with me; I will be generous; I will make all my moments remembered as good times; I will have respect for all of God’s creatures.

PSALM 30: 4 – Sing to the Lord, you who are his saints; praise his holy name.


I will always be aware of my fragility and my dependence on the Lord My God; I will never let myself imagine having independence from God; For as long as I walk, I will be praising the Lord, that my faith may increase; As much as I lose myself in the darkness, I will wait for the divine light to recover and indicate which way to go.

PSALM 73:25 – Whom do I have in heaven but you? And there is no one on earth that I want besides you.


All my effort was to do good, so I will have a calm and peaceful sleep: Bad dreams will not invade me because I don’t want them; I will not feel cold nor will I feel heat that makes me interrupt my sleep: My dreams will be light and of an enchanting beauty; I did everything I could do and did it well, so I deserve to sleep the sleep of the just.

PSALM 93.1 – The Lord reigns; he is dressed in majesty; The Lord is clothed with majesty, and enveloped in strength. The world is established; it cannot be shaken.


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A paz e a alegria da minha vida estarei demonstrando a todos os que me procurarem; Serei portador apenas de boas novas; Não serei inoportuno; não farei apagar nenhum sorriso em nenhum rosto amigo; terei paciência até quando a perderem comigo; serei generoso; farei com que todos os meus momentos sejam lembrados como bons momentos; Terei respeito para com todas as criaturas de Deus.

SALMO 30:4 – Cantai ao Senhor, vós que sois seus santos; louvai o seu santo nome.


Estarei sempre consciente da minha fragilidade e da minha dependência do Senhor Meu Deus; Nunca me deixarei imaginar ter independência de Deus; Por todo o tempo em que eu caminhar estarei louvando o Senhor, para que aumente aminha fé; Por mais que eu me perca na escuridão, esperarei que a luz divina me recupere e indique que direção seguir.

SALMO 73:25 – A quem tenho eu no céu senão a ti? E na terra não há quem eu deseje  além de ti.


Todo o meu esforço foi para fazer o bem, por isso terei um sono calmo e tranquilo: Não me invadirão maus sonhos pois eu não os quero; Não sentirei frio nem sentirei calor que me faça interromper o meu sono: Os meus sonhos serão leve e de uma beleza encantadora; Fiz tudo o que pude fazer e fiz bem feito, então, mereço dormir o sono dos justos.

SALMO 93.1 – O Senhor reina; está vestido de majestade; O Senhor está vestido de majestade, e envolto em força. O mundo está estabelecido; não pode ser abalado.


She was a very naughty girl. Of these restless girls, who are never satisfied with anything. Inconsequent, she was always ready to challenge the most different situations, as long as the result was contrary to what was normal. I like to break paradigms “, he was always saying. I’m not sure if she had a perfect idea of ​​what it would be like to break paradigms. Able to hold interesting debates on various subjects. And he liked to talk to me. And to contradict me, almost always, challenging me. The most important thing, however, was the respectful way in which we treated each other. young, she behaved, when she was with me, as if we were the same age. As for me, whenever we were together, she treated her in the same way, but we knew that there was a silent dispute between us for space and power.
Our conversations were constant and always took place in the evenings, almost daily, on the square’s benches, where, always accompanied by a group of friends, we exchanged ideas, always ending matters by expressing our opinions. That when they resulted in someone’s most serious disagreement, it would be discussed the next night.
It was customary that we were the last to leave the group, every night. This is because we lived a block from the square and spent no more than a few minutes to get to our homes. My house was right in front of yours. I lived alone and she lived with her mother, since her father had passed away.
One night, when the last of our friends said goodbye, going home, before I got up from the bench, she said to me “Don’t you think it’s too early for us to leave?” and added “If you want, we can talk for a while. Or as long as you want”. I asked him “Wow, won’t your mother be worried, waiting for you?” Then she told me no, that her mother had traveled to deal with some matter in the Capital and that she would stay there for three days. So, she could come home anytime she wanted. “Oh, I had an idea. How cold it is, why don’t we go home and keep talking there? I’m really sleepy. What do you think? Topa?” And finished “When you can’t stand to stay up anymore, you can go to bed, sleep. I don’t know how to spend the night, even “. I got up from the bench, bowed, indicating that she could take the lead, and we headed for our street. When we arrived in front of our houses, I asked “Yours or mine?” and I laughed. She turned and walked over to my house, standing at the door and waiting for me to open it.
The clock on the wall in the living room said fifteen minutes to eleven at night.
While we were talking, I made a hot chocolate, put some goodies on the table, sat down and ate lunch and then went to the living room. Sitting on the couch, we watched the television.
Without saying anything, she lay down on the sofa, resting her head on my lap. “Do you mind?” I told him no, that I could be at ease and feel more comfortable. Then she lifted her head, put her hand on the back of her neck, and straightened up. It was when his hand was resting on my cock, that he immediately reacted, hardening. I felt it when she shivered. Eyes closed, he moved the hand that held the back of the neck and turned it over to hold my dick in it, which had nowhere else to get hard. He raised his other hand, pulled my head and we kissed. Greedily. Madly. Ardently. Tongue with tongue. Tongue versus tongue. One mouth wanting to swallow the other, tightened, crushed into a deep kiss. A crazy, endless kiss, while mouths caress.
We got up from the couch and I took her to the room where we undressed. We hugged and she, spreading her legs slightly, placed my cock between her. We kissed, one body pressed to the other as if they wanted to merge. With one hand I caress your small, hard, while with the other I squeeze your ass, running my fingers lightly over your ass. She rolls very slowly, hugging me, as if dancing to music that only she could hear.
I lay on the bed on my stomach forever, the hardened cock pointing high. She eagerly snatched it up and sucked with all her will, with rhythmic movements, sometimes taking and licking her head, going down to the sack, now sticking it to the bottom of her throat. When he felt like he couldn’t take any more lust, he sat on my cock and let it into her pussy inch by inch, until his ass rested on my bag. He was poking up and down, moving his body as if he couldn’t balance and was going to fall. I let her control it and she commanded the fuck as she pleased. Quickly, without cutting the lust, she lifted her ass, held my dick in her hand and put it in her ass, sitting up so that he could get in first, with a groan. I was pumping him until a wave of pleasure invaded me and I felt a jet of cum squirting, hot and strong. She received my cum in her ass with a moan and a shudder.
The sun was about to rise in the sky when she went to her home. I simply turned to the corner, adjusted the pillow and slept. That night I had tapped the slap.